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WooCommerce & WordPress Updates

WooCommerce and WordPress plugin updates generally posted on our site randomly and our newsletter once a week. However the WooCommerce and WordPress plugins and themes are updated throughout the week so check back often.

June 3, 2018 WooCommerce & WordPress Updates

WooCommerce Plugin Update

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin v3.0.9

WooCommerce Min – Max Quantities Plugin v2.4.3

WooCommerce Authorize.Net AIM Plugin v3.14.2

WooCommerce Ajax Layered Navigation Plugin v1.14.3

WooCommerce Group Coupons Plugins v1.8.1

WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin v5.7.10

WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms Plugin v1.6.2

WooCommerce Deposits Plugin v1.4.2

WooCommerce Follow-up Emails Plugin v4.7.3

WooCommerce Flat Rate Box Shipping v2.0.4

WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugin v2.8.2

WooCommerce Wishlists Plugin v2.1.6

WooCommerce Bookings Plugin v1.11.2

WooCommerce URL Coupons Plugin v2.6.3

WooCommerce Social Login Plugin v2.5.2

WooCommerce Xero Plugin v1.7.12

WooCommerce Customer-Order-Coupon CSV Import Suite v3.5.4

WooCommerce Composite Products Plugin v3.13.10

WooCommerce Order Delivery Plugin v1.3.2

WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin v2.2.21

WooCommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses Plugin

WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form Plugin v1.2.6

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Plugin v1.5.13

WooCommerce Store Credit Plugin v2.1.15

WooCommerce Sales Report Email Plugin v1.1.14

WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin v1.6.13

WooCommerce Tabs Manager Plugin v1.9.1

WooCommerce Zapier Plugin v1.7.2

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments Plugin v1.3.4

WooCommerce Cart Add-ons Plugin v1.5.18

WooCommerce Product Add-ons Plugin v2.9.6

WooCommerce Product Vendors Plugin v2.1.6

WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers Plugin v3.4.2

WooCommerce Postcode Address Validation Plugin v2.3.1

WooCommerce Cost of Goods Plugin v2.6.1

WooCommerce Cart Notices Plugin v1.8.4

WooCommerce Order Barcodes Plugin v1.3.3

WooCommerce Smart Coupons Plugin v3.4.3

WooCommerce Customer & Order CSV Export v4.4.6

WooCommerce Advanced Notifications Plugins v1.2.14

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Plugin v1.6.11

WooCommerce Per Product Shipping Plugin v2.2.13

WooCommerce Pre Orders Plugin v1.5.9

WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro Plugin v1.12.1

WooCommerce Account Funds Plugin v2.1.11

WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields Plugin v1.10.1

WooCommerce Order Status Control Plugin v1.9.1

WooCommerce Splash Popup Plugin v1.2.7

WooCommerce PayPal Pro Plugin v4.4.13

WooCommerce Authorize.Net CIM Plugin v2.10.1

WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus Plugin v2.3.12

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin v3.13.4

WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications Plugin v1.10.1

WooCommerce Product Documents Plugin v1.8.1 for WooCommerce v1.3.6

WooCommerce Give Products Plugin v1.1.1

WooCommerce Photography Plugin v1.0.14

WooCommerce EU VAT Number Plugin v2.3.7

WooCommerce Customer & Order XML Export Suite v2.3.5

WooCommerce Order Status Manager Plugin v1.9.2

WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing List Plugin v3.5.2

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Plugin v1.11.1

WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Requests Plugin v1.8.12

WooCommerce FreshBooks Plugin v3.11.2

WooCommerce Elavon Converge Payment Gateway v2.3.1

WooCommerce PDF Watermarks v1.1.4

WooCommerce Nested Category Layouts v1.11.2

WooCommerce Memberships Plugin v1.10.4

WooCommerce Moneris Gateway v2.10.1

WooCommerce Product Retailers Plugin v1.10.1

WooCommerce ConstantContact v1.9.1

WooCommerce Authorize.Net Reporting Plugin v1.7.1

WooCommerce PayPal Adaptive Payments Plugin v1.1.8

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro v1.5.1

WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons Plugin v2.1.0

WooCommerce PickingPal Plugin v1.3.0

WooCommerce Instagram Plugin v1.0.15

QuickBooks Merchant Services for WooCommerce v2.3.1

WooCommerce Aweber Newsletter Subscription v1.0.15

WooCommerce Subscription Downloads Plugin v1.1.15

WordPress Plugin Update

BackupBuddy v8.2.6.2

WordPress iThemes Security Pro Plugin v5.2.1

May 28, 2018 WooCommerce & WordPress Updates

WooCommerce Plugin Update

WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management Plugin v2.2.12

WooCommerce Brands Plugin v1.6.2

WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download Plugin v1.0.13

2Checkout Inline Checkout Plugin for WooCommerce v1.1.13

WooCommerce Waitlist Plugin v1.8.0

WooCommerce Xero Plugin v1.7.11

WooCommerce Royal Mail Plugin v2.5.10

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin v2.5.6

WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget Plugin v1.6.9

WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage Plugin v2.1.9

Aramex Shipping for WooCommerce v1.0.8

GoCardless for WooCommerce v2.4.8

WooCommerce Authorize.Net DPM Integration v1.7.6

WooCommerce Smart Coupons Plugin v3.4.2

WooCommerce Purchase Order Gateway Plugin v1.2.1

WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugin v1.1.8

WooCommerce Sale Flash Pro v1.2.8

WooCommerce Paypal Advanced Plugin v1.24.5

WooCommerce Products Compare Plugin v1.0.10

WooCommerce 360º Image Plugin v1.1.6

WooCommerce Product Finder Plugin v1.2.5

WooCommerce Force Sells Plugin v1.1.6

WooCommerce Quick View Plugin v1.1.13

WooCommerce PDF Invoices Plugin v4.1.9

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Plugin v1.7.13

Events Calendar Pro Plugin v4.4.26

WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin v3.2.10

WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin 4.4.18

WooCommerce Storefront Blog Customizer Plugin v1.2.4

WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite Plugin v1.10.18

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin v19.5

WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit Plugin v4.4.1

WordPress Plugin Update

WordPress Gravity Forms Plugin v2.3.2

WordPress Gravity Addons 05/2018

WordPress iThemes Security Pro Plugin v5.1.4

Slider Revolution for WordPress v5.4.7.4

Custom Sidebars Pro for WordPress v3.1.6

Social Locker & Sign-in Locker for WordPress v5.2.1

Google Analytics + Plugin for WordPress v3.1.7.1

WordPress Membership 2 Pro Plugin v1.1.5

Defender Plugin for WordPress v1.9