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WordPress Multisite Content Copier Plugin


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Version: 1.5.3
Last Updated: Dec 24, 2016

Copy content from an existing site to the new one on a WordPress Multisite using the WordPress Multisite Content Copier plugin.

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Requires WordPress Multisite

Multisite Content Copier for WordPress

WordPress Multisite Content Copier Plugin by WPMUDEV

Copy content from an existing site to the new one on a WordPress Multisite using the Multisite Content Copier plugin.

Multisite content copier is a time saving tool that allows you to copy posts, pages, users and even plugins to other sites on your multisite network.

Easy to Use

You can start copying content without any plugin configuration required. WordPress Multisite Content Copier come with a wizard that will help you get the content copied quickly and easily.

Share Content Across Sites

The sites group feature allows you to quickly share content across multiple WordPress sites at the same time. You can have as many groups as you want.

Templates Templates Templates

Quickly layout sites with a predefined set of features using the templating functions built in to Multisite Content Copier.

Easy to Share Content

Create a new blog post and from the blog post editor quickly share the new content across your multisite network. This is a great feature for news and updates.

WordPress Multisite Content Copier Features

  • Copy posts
  • Copy pages
  • Copy users
  • Copy plugins
  • Copy custom post types
  • Copy images
  • Post to multiple sites at once
  • Create site groups
  • Simple content copy guide
  • Use blog template as group
  • Add copy to new sites
  • Copy to a single site
  • Copy to site group
  • Copy to all sites
  • New Blog Templates integration
  • Copy post from post editor
  • Copy comments
  • Update post created date
  • Copy parents
  • Copy tags and categories

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