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WordPress iThemes Security Pro Plugin


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Version: 5.3.1
Last Updated: Jun 23, 2018

iThemes Security Pro Plugin – Full security for your WordPress website.

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IThemes Security for WordPress

WordPress security is very important. WordPress iThemes Security provides you steps for securing your site with simple turn on or off of options. There are simplified steps along with description so you know with what setting what changes will occur on your site. No need to be a security expert to use iThemes Security Pro.

Brute Force Protection

Limit the number of login attempts that fail for users. If someone trying to access an account and fails, it will get locked after a number of tries. As admin, you can get more login attempts by simply white-listing your own IP.

File Change Detection

In case someone gets successful to get into your site back-end, and may damage files by changing, removing or adding some. Set an email alerts if any file gets deleted or changes, so you know your site is being hacked.

404 Detection

If an auto bot scans your WooCommerce site for attacking access to the flaw, it will generate many 404 errors. iThemes security will take care of the error and will block the IP for limit you set. The default is 20 errors in 5 minutes.

Strong Password Enforcement

One of the best way to secure your WooCommerce site is have your user levels such as, admin, editors, users, etc. and prompt them to have strong passwords.

Lock Out Bad Users

If someone has too many failed login attempts, or id a bot, blacklist, you can keep them away from site.

Away Mode

If you don’t make changes for 24 hours a day, set your admin area inaccessible for some hours so no can enter.

Hide Login & Admin

One of the feature is to change the default URL for login, it will keep attackers away from login page.

Database Backups

database backups can be emailed to you. Optionally you can get BackupBuddy to really keep your site intact with backups in case of disaster.

Email Notifications

Get notified via email when an unauthorized person tried to make changes in file or failed too many times for login attempts.

Dashboard Widget

Analyze complete WooCommerce site security and know the bugs, try to fix them through iThemes security plugin that will take care of your WooCommerce site security.

Online File Comparisons

iThemes Security Pro also has great feature to compare the core file with version on, it alerts if some malicious files are found.

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