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Social Locker & Sign-in Locker for WordPress


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Version: 5.2.6
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Social Locker & Sign-in Locker for WordPress – Lock your WordPress content until people give you a like, tweet or plus one to view your content.

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Social Locker Plugin for WordPress

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Social Locker & Sign in Locker for WordPress

Do you provide content for free to your visitors? Do you place like buttons hoping that your visitor will click it and share your webpage? Sometimes they do. Most times they don’t. What if you could make it a requirement that your visitor give you a Facebook Like, Tweet or Google +1 before they can see your content? Why not? You went through hard work to provide good content and it is not unreasonable to expect something in return like more traffic to your website!

With Social Locker plugin for WordPress you can get people to share your content quickly by asking them to pay the small fee of a, Like/Tweet/+1, for viewing your content. This will drive more traffic to your website from social groups.

Features of Social Locker for WordPress

  • You have complete control over what content to lock. You can lock everything or only select content. It is not recommended that you lock everything else people may quit coming to your site!
  • You can require that they get an account to see your content with the Sign-in Locker that comes with social locker. You can restrict some content to be viewed only by members. This is a great way to collect email addresses!
  • You can batch lock groups of content.
  • Export emails collected and use them with your favorite email service.

Make your website explode on the Social scene with Social Locker for WordPress

You will get more traffic from social networks period.




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