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PopUp Pro for WordPress


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Version: 4.8
Last Updated: Jun 25, 2016

PopUp Pro for WordPress – Attractive, Responsive Pop-Up Messages for Your Visitors for Your WordPress site with Popup Pro Plugin.

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Multisite compatible
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Popup Pro WordPress Plugin 

Responsive Pop-Up Messages for Your Visitors

PopUp Pro Plugin by WPMUDEV

Now you can charge up your visitor interaction by increasing email list subscriptions, increasing sales by offering discounts and coupons, gather other types of information, or simply display messages such as ads and other specific information.

Pop-ups and Pop-overs that are customizable, attractive, responsive, and smart:

  • Targeting control
  • Customizable templates
  • Perceptive design capacity
  • Wise exit strategy programming
  • Advertise the right place at the right time

Create Attractive Pop-ups Quickly

Increase trust and credibility in your brand with a well thought out designed pop-up that is an expression of your WordPress website. PopUp Pro comes with an extensive list of design options for focused customization every aspect of how your pop-up will look and behave.

Brilliant Templates to Get You Started

Includes are three templates, which each can be customized so you can obtain the look and message you want.

Each template has its own layout and header styles, with simple to use text and image placement, so you can put pop-ups on your website quickly.

Completely Customizable to Suit Your Taste

Control exactly how your pop-up will look. Use custom colors, create custom dimensions and even add rounded corners.

With distraction free focus on pop-ups, you can turn off the ability to scroll while the pop-up displays.

37 Display with Animations Choices

You have your choice of 37 ways to display the pop-up, and should you choose, include a closing animation.

Animation examples:

  • Zoom
  • Bounce
  • Fade Flip
  • Wobble and Slipping
  • More

Preview Your Work Before Publishing

As you are creating your pop-ups, PopUp Pro will let you preview them live without the need to hit “Save.”

Like what you see? Duplicate your pop-up to save time creating a new campaign.

Colors Galore

With the customization capabilities of PopUp Pro, you can match the branding of your WordPress website. You can create colors with the color picker or simply use the hexadecimal number of your color choice.

Responsive with Retina Imaging Capabilities

Your pop-ups not only look great, but display well on any device.

Choose to display retina images based on the device screen viewing. This allows to target desktops with retina images and use regular images on mobile devices for download speed optimization.

Targeting is the Key

Simply having a pop-up is not enough, if you can’t control when it should appear. You can cause the pop-up to only appear based on predefined triggers like:

  • Time Based
  • Location on Page
  • CSS Selectors
  • Clicks

Smart Exit Strategy

PopUp Pro can detect the behavior of the visitor and can fire off a well timed pop-up when they are about to leave your site.

Using the exit strategy can get your message out without disrupting the user experience while on-site browsing or shopping. This can allow users a more satisfying experience when displaying the pop-up on exit only. You may entice users to perform a call to action more readily, or take a minute to absorb your ad.

Targeting Options

  • The visitor reaches the bottom or a post or page reach the bottom of a post, remind them to sign up for a newsletter.
  • Visitor referred from a source such as an affiliate or website, offer a coupon.
  • Particular country? Display a local event.
  • On exit, offer a discount for taking an action.
  • Mobile device? Ask for feedback about the mobile display of your site.
  • Loyal members and regular users could be offered a special promotion.
  • Your imagination is the only limitation.

Easy CSS

If you are able to code with CSS, you can use the built-in CSS editor included with PopUp Pro to further control the look and feel of your pop-ups.

Get started with PopUP Pro for WordPress today.



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