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WordPress Media Library Categories Premium


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Version: 2.2
Last Updated: Mar 24, 2018

Media Categories plugin for WordPress assigns images and other media to media categories. Media Categories plugin for WordPress works similar to the product and posts categories, but is special to the medial library.

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Product Description

Media Library Categories Premium for WordPress

Anybody who has built a WordPress website with more than a few images in the media library knows what a pain it is to scroll and scroll to find that one image you need. It is an almost impossible task if you have a store with a multitude of images in your WordPress media library. In situations like that, it is often easier to just upload the image again that you need. However duplicating images takes a toll on several things. You database fills up more than necessary and your server fills up more than necessary.

The Solution

The way this Media Categories plugin works is to assign images and other media to media only categories. You can create categories just like any other category, or create the category after you upload your images. You can always go back and assign the images to the correct category using the built-in single/bulk action tool that you are already familiar with.

WordPress organizes things using categories and tags instead of separate folders like you may be used to on a standard website. You can sort and search for images based on their category. Lets say you have a clothes store. You sell shirts, pants, socks, dresses and more. Imagine you have 50 or more images for each category. You decide to write a new post putting a particular dress in the spot light or on sale and now you need to add a picture of that dress to the post. While you are adding an image to the media library, you have the option to sort by the dresses category you created for your images and then you only need to look through 50 images instead of the 200+ images in your media library.

  • Use categories in the media library
  • Change or assign categories of multiple items with bulk actions
  • Filter categories while inserting images

Final Note About The Code Snippet

See the code snippet to hide the image categories from your front-end. You most likely won’t want to display a new set of media categories along with your product and/or post categories. You can if you want though.

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You can hide image categories from the front-end of your WordPress site and only you will see them on the back-end.

In your CHILD theme functions.php include this code snippet:

  //Wordpress Categories Images Filter Allow category display on back-end   /**   * separate media categories from post categories   * use a custom category called ‘category_media’ for the categories in the media library   */   add_filter( ‘wpmediacategory_taxonomy’, function(){ return ‘category_media'; } );