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MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate for WordPress


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Last Updated: July 4, 2015

Automatically convert any keyword in your WordPress blog to an affiliate link instantly!

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Convert Keywords on Your WordPress Website into Affiliate Links in Minutes

The Ninja Affiliate plugin for WordPress allows you to picks keywords from your website and attack Ninja links to them automatically. These can be affiliate links or any other link that you desire.

On the front-end the Ninja links will look like part of your regular website links. This will prevent affiliate link theft. For example you may have an affiliate link something like this linking to a specific book

On the back-end you would create a Ninja link. You would give your affiliate link a unique URL to display on your website. For example your Ninja link could look like this for a Tom Clancy book “Sum of All Fears”. or

That would be the Ninja link your users see and your affiliate link is hidden. However, on the back-end you set the redirect your Ninja link to your affiliate link

When the user clicks they are taken to

Now to get your Ninja links to show up on keywords you would simply set them in the back-end with keywords such as, Tom Clancy, Sum of all Fears or even Tom, Fears or all of them. On the front-end Ninja Affiliate looks for those words in your posts and pages and randomly assign the Ninja affiliate links to them.

Features of Ninja Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

  • Easy back-end management of Ninja links.
  • Detailed statistics of clicks and referrers for your Ninja links.
  • Ability to group similar Ninja links such as per affiliate or per product type books, clothes etc. However you want to group your Ninja affiliate links you can.
  • You can set the Ninja links to pop open a new window when clicked your visitor never leaves your web page.
  • You can set all Ninja links to be automatically nofollow links so you can avoid any penalties Google gives out for too many affiliate links.
  • You can cloak your Ninja affiliate links. Not recommended because it will most likely violate your Affiliate’s TOS, but you can cause your visitor to see only in their browser URL even at the Affiliate website. Note this is not the same as simply disguising your Ninja link at your website.
  • You can set the amount of time a Ninja link shows up in each WordPress post or page, or entire website as a whole. You don’t want your pages to look like link spam!
  • You can insert Ninja links directly into WordPress post or page using the WordPress editor too!
  • Set Automatic Link Expiration/Redirection – Set an Expiration date on your affiliate/destination links.
  • Multiple languages supported.

Benefits of Using Ninja Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

  1. Track how many times you are referring a visitor when they click on a Ninja link.
  2. Did your affiliate go out or business or discontinue their affiliate program? No problem. From the back-end you can simply put a new affiliate link from another affiliate where the original one was in your Ninja link and new clicks on the Ninja link go to the new website, or you can simply delete the Ninja link and all references to the Ninja affiliate link will be removed from your website.
  3. Works in email and discussion forums too. You can use a Ninja Affiliate link anywhere you can use any link and get the same results as if the Ninja link were on your website. Using are example above put your Ninja affiliate link in an email and the visitor ends up on book page.
  4. Use Ninja Affiliate to track your marketing and advertising results. With Ninja Affiliate robust reporting from the back-end, you will know exactly what links were clicked, how many times they were clicked and who or what page the referrer was when clicked.


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