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WordPress Affiliates Plugin


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Last Updated: Sep 10, 2017

WordPress Affiliates Plugin is a WordPress Affiliate Platform. Create an affiliate sales force for your WordPress site or multi-site.

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Multi-site compatible
BuddyPress compatible

Affiliates Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Affiliates Plugin by WPMUDEV

Create an Awesome Affiliate Program for Your WordPress Site with the Affiliates for WordPress Plugin.

Invite your WordPress visitors and customers to become part of your marketing and sales team. Offer commissions and track every sale made by an affiliate referral.

Stand Alone or Integrated

WordPress Affiliates Plugin works great as a stand alone affiliate platform. You can further enhance your affiliate sales force by integrating with one of these great plugins:

Made for WordPress Users

Integrate WordPress Affiliates Plugin with:

  • Stand alone WordPress site
  • WordPress multi-site
  • WordPress & BuddyPress site

Simple for Users to Become Affiliates

Any registered user of your WordPress site can become an affiliate by filling in their PayPal email address. They will automatically be given a link to start promoting your products and services to their lists and on their site right away.


  • Unique clicks
  • Standard sign-ups
  • Paid sign-ups


All displayed to both your and your affiliates. Track sales with graphs and stats to see who your top performers are.

Paid Sign Ups

100% integration with Membership 2 Pro & Pro-Sites so that when a free user decides to become a paid member your affiliate gets a commission.

Affiliate Tools

  • Automatically generate banners to give to your affiliate.
  • Automatically generate URLs for your affiliates.
  • Allow regular URLs so affiliates don’t have affiliate looking links, but the links are still tracked!

Affiliates for WordPress Plugin Doubles as an Ad Manager

You can track your own ad campaigns and get the same reports that are generated for affiliates so you can see your top preforming campaigns and do things like split testing your ads to see which preforms better.

WordPress Affiliates Plugin Features

  • Provide users an Affiliate Link
  • Pay users for referring friends
  • Automated payment system
  • Pay only on approval
  • Set payout currency
  • Affiliate banners
  • Classifieds integration
  • Directory plugin integration
  • MarketPress track referral purchases
  • ProSites paid upgrade integration
  • Membership plugin integration
  • Referral manager
  • See unique clicks
  • Manage credits and debits
  • See approved referral payments
  • Manage Referrers
  • Dashboard overview widget
  • Built-in Referral Report page
  • Easy to read stats graph

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