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WooCommerce Waitlist Plugin


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Version: 1.8.3
Last Updated: Aug 4, 2018

The WooCommerce Waitlist extension lets you track demand for out-of-stock and backordered items. Waitlist will notify customers when an item is back in stock.

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Waitlist for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Waitlist by WooThemes

 Notify your customers when a product is back in stock.

WooCommerce Waitlist extension allows customers to sign up for a notification when stock becomes available.

WooCommerce Waitlist extension allows WooCommerce store owners to keep track of items that are in demand allowing you make stock adjustments based on this valuable information.

Waitlist extension is a way to make your customers feel special and that you value them. This builds customer loyalty.

Waitlist is easy to install and get started. Add a product to stock that was previously out of stock and Waitlist will take care of notifying your customers who signed up for notifications.

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