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WooCommerce Subscription Downloads Plugin


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Version: 1.1.15

WooCommerce Subscription Downloads Plugin – Offer additional downloads to your subscribers with WooCommerce, via downloadable products listed in your store


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The WooCommerce Subscriptions extension required.

WooCommerce Subscription Downloads forWooCommerce

On your WooCommerce store under downloadable products listed, offer additional downloads to your subscribers.

WooCommerce Subscription Downloads provide you feature to offer downloadable products list to your subscribers, having the flexibility to list individually for each product, only once when its sold only through your WooCommerce store and also having subscription.

Quick and easy configuration

In the product data meta box, new field adds on to your downloadable products via Subscription Downloads.

Easily update access permissions

Your subscribers receive the update automatically once you update the downloadable product files.


Can a downloadable product be connected to multiple subscription products?

Yes. WooCommerce Subscription Downloads a downloadable product can be connected to multiple subscription products listed in your WooCommerce store.

Start offering additional downloads and updates with WooCommerce Subscription Downloads extension today.



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