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The for WooCommerce is the best way to ship USPS.

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The Best Way to ship with the USPS

The extension for WooCommerce provides flexibility, best services, ease and reliability along with providing best features and price.

The web addition for WooCommerce enables your WooCommerce store to bring in rates from the USPS extension by way of the WooCommerce administration area. Your store administrator can set shipping rates and add-ons to obtain a shipping label, all set for printing.

Directly from WooCommerce administration area, using integration of API extension cancellation and refunding of labels can be done, automatically or manually – and top-up your account.

If you takes shipping seriously then it’s time to take a closer look at and USPS because the USPS now offers cheaper rates, excellent tracking and the most inclusive delivery services. With unprecedented speed, reliability, provides ease access to rates and services.

With almost 500,000 clients, has become the main USPS postage supplier in the nation. It is because offers lowest USPS shipping rates and simple access and now is one of most used services for USPS. Whether you transport one bundle in a day or thousand, from your garage or from a gigantic storehouse, has the feature to make your USPS transportation procedures faster, more reasonable and more proficient than any time in recent years.

In addition customers of WooCommerce can also acquire special delivering discounts with no lowest volume requirements to help you shrink your delivery costs. The average Priority Mail rates are 4.4% which is less than standard marketable Base Pricing and 17.3% lesser amount of Priority Mail Express.

Key Features

  • Access to all USPS delivery services.
  • Discount USPS rates – Save more cash with shipping concession on domestic and international USPS Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express™ shipments.
  • Discounted Insurance – Save 10% compared to USPS rates on package insurance.
    Excellent Technical Support Group with two gold medals to verify it.

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