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WooCommerce Splash Popup Plugin

WooCommerce Splash Popup Plugin


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Version: 1.2.1
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

The WooCommerce Splash Popup extension uses WordPress pages to deliver content to users.

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Display what’s new, launched or offers to new and regular visitors with a light-box pop-up

Alert people about what New on your WooCommerce store, offers, new launches, etc. Prompt customers to sign up for newsletters or deliver site related information to the visitors. WordPress pages are being used by the WooCommerce Splash Pop-up extension to deliver content based on rules you set for the users.

Different content can be displayed and it comes from your WordPress pages:

  • Users those have logged out
  • Users those have logged in
  • Customers those have logged in


The Pop-up is sets with cookie so it won’t display to the customer again for a period of time you set to prevent annoying your customers. Specified time period is set such as 30 days by default.

Start gaining more sales in your WooCommerce store with the WooCommerce Splash Pop-up extension today.



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