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WooCommerce Software Addon Plugin


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Version: 1.7.4

WooCommerce Software Addon Plugin – Sell License Keys for Software from your WooCommerce store.

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Software Addons for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Software Addon by WooThemes

Sell License Keys for Software from Your WooCommerce Store

The WooCommerce Software Add-on extension will give you the ability to manage license keys and activations via your WooCommerce store.

To sell licenses and upgrades from your WooCommerce store:

With the help of the edit product page you can define your products as a software.  After you do this, it will let you to define your software’s specific properties.

Customers will purchase the software like they buy any other product, and when their order is complete, they will receive an license key which is auto-generated from the system within their order-complete email.

When you receive order emails, they will contain the key, activation email to activate software, and the number of the activations remaining of their software. You can resend these emails using the in-built ‘send’ button in WooCommerce on the orders screen.

If you ever introduce a paid upgrade for software you can define valid upgrade keys, and an price for updating their software. They will just have to enter their license details during their purchase.

View purchased keys

The licenses which are associated with orders can be viewed and edited from the orders screen and here activations are also shown.

Track activations and view reports

The WooCommerce extension comes with a reports page which can be  found in WooCommerce > Reports > Software. These reports will give you an overview of software sales, and the list of activations.

Interact with the API

This WooCommerce extension comes with an API for generating keys, activating and deactivating licenses. This API can be integrated into your software/web app to validate the software’s licenses. Check out more details in the document on th API.


Q. Can you import your own license keys with Software Add-on Extension?
A.  No, at this time you can not import your own license keys with this extension.

Start selling software licenses with WooCommerce Software Addon extension today.



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