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WooCommerce Social Login Plugin


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Version: 2.5.3
Last Updated: Aug 4, 2018

WooCommerce Social Login Plugin – Enable social login for seamless checkout and account creation on your WooCommerce website.

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  • WooCommerce 2.1+
  • Store admins must have an account on the social network(s) they’d like to connect to their store.
  • Pretty permalinks must be enabled.

Social Login for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Social Login by WooThemes

Sometimes inaccurate or messy login and checkout process may lead to loss of customer. Social Login for WooCommerce is an easy way to login and explore WooCommerce store along with simple procedure to checkout increases the traffic and sales. To get such seamless flow, WooCommerce Social Login can be you best option.

For first time visitors on your WooCommerce site, customer can visit site as guest and do the purchasing. However, customers don’t get regular updates about offers, discounts and what is new at your WooCommerce store. For making a long term relation with customers its good they get an account where they can select the products and place in cart for purchasing and avail the offers. For customers, its not easy to remember the username and password, hence new social login plugin has been introduced. WooCommerce Social Login Plugin makes the process of sign-up easy – visitor can easily sign-in through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, PayPal, Amazon and Instagram accounts with no need to create a new user account.

Why Use WooCommerce Social Login?

  • Simple integration your WooCommerce store account with the customer’s social accounts.
  • Easy to link accounts to WooCommerce shop on ‘Order Received’ page.
  • Quick sign-in and checkout, no need to remember username and password.
  • On smart phone, customers remain logged in all the time and so the customer stays signed into your WooCommerce site.
  • WooCommerce Social Login provides security and increases the trust of customers.
  • Customers using eCommerce site prefers social login (Free from hectic of remembering the login details).
  • Customers who sign-in through social media leads to increased conversion rates.
  • A WordPress account is setup for customers who signed-up via social media. Later, even if they are not signed into social account, they can still log in to your WooCommerce store.
  • Customers sign-up with WooCommerce store – out of them 90% sign-in through social account.
  • New users can be identified easily with the social login plugin’s help by checking the Users List NEW.

Link Social Accounts to User Accounts

Existing customers who have login through username and password can easily connect their account with social media account, feature is available on My Account page.

Customers can also log in through their WordPress account to link their social account at checkout.

Monitor Social Logins

You can view any number of user accounts linked through social network with the help of WooCommerce Social Login when its active. Also, the information is available in Users list where new column is set named as Social Profiles.

Provide Account Management Tools

Customers can at any time, link or unlink social accounts from your WooCommerce store by simply making a setting change in the My Account page.

Make Their Shopping Experience Smoother

The Hassle of remembering username and password can be overcome by using WooCommerce Social login plugin on you WooCommerce store. You won’t miss a single customer visit using the social login plugin in cases where the customer forgets their login details. They can do purchasing and checkout with their social media linked account. WooCommerce Social Login plugin also increases the trust and security from customers.

Give your customers the ability to use their social accounts to login today with WooCommerce Social Login.



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