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WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro Plugin


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Version: 1.12.1
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018

WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro Plugin – Take control of your WooCommerce order numbers by replacing random order numbers with sequential order numbers.

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Sequential Order Numbers for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro by WooThemes

When orders placed in your store, WooCommerce assigns a randomly generated number to the order. With Sequential Order Number Pro, you can define the order numbers. You can choose to let Sequential Order Number Pro to start at the last random number generated, or choose your own starting number, and assign number length and prefixes or suffixes. One approach with numbers and prefixes and suffixes to get default order number is like ON-01000-US, ON-01001-US or anything you prefer the most.

Works Well with New and Established Stores

This plugin works with every WooCommerce store, new and used. If you have newly design store, install the Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugin and configure the settings. The orders placed will be sequential and you will never have to look into it. For old store you have option to replace the old order with new or start it from the fresh order numbers.

Why its good to use Sequential Order Numbers Pro for WooCommerce store?

  • Sequential Order Number Extension – as name indicates, it generates sequential order for every order placed.
  • Set any default number as start order number and it will increase by one each order is placed.
  • Set some prefix and suffix to order number.
  • General approach is setting suffix or prefix as date or year or can be month which can be updated automatically.
  • For accuracy and tracking when the purchase has been done include time with minor detail of hour, minute and second.
  • You can increase the length of order number to as much as you want by just increasing the zeros at the start of order number.
  • Free products can be excluded from the order numbers.


WooCommerce Sequential Order plugin contains each and every minor details for covering every future aspects of order numbers.

Set your order numbers today with WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro!



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