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WooCommerce Sensei Online Learning Management


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Sensei Version: 1.11.0
Last Updated: Jun 23, 2018
Addons Updated 4/2016

WooCommerce Sensei Online Learning Management Plugin – Teaching coursework has never been easier, all within WordPress. With the Sensei plugin you can create courses, write lessons, and add quizzes.

Why pay $10 when you can have access to all of our WooCommerce Extensions, WordPress Plugins & Themes with a membership plan for only $20/mo.

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If you are NOT using WooCommerce you may want to use CoursePress Pro Plugin for WordPress instead.

WooCommerce Online Course Management

WooCommerce Sensei by WooThemes

We now include at no additional cost:

  • Sensei Badgeos

  • Sensei Certificates

  • Sensei Content Drip

Seamless WP integration

Using WooCommerce Sensei is as simple as making a WordPress page or post, with it being controlled by its own “Lessons” custom post sort.  The plugin is outlined around the insightfulness of the WordPress user interface making it the best Learning WordPress Management System.

Easy Content Creation

Construct courses, write lessons and then include quizzes to test your learner. Setting up fundamentals for both courses and lessons is a breeze in this tremendously adaptable plugin.

Quick User Registration

Sensei uses WordPress’s user registration facilities, that makes signing up for a course is very easy. Your students can track their course/lesson progress, if they have access to a dashboard.

Charge for Courses

Sensei flawlessly coordinates with WooCommerce permitting you to charge for courses. It’s as basic as setting up a product and attaching it to a course. Works with Sensei Content Drip so you can control content access over time.

Sensei Theming

Sensei provide out of the box services with several well coded WordPress themes, with its own styling given in the plugin. We suggest using the Definition theme that includes precise styling for this plugin.

Course Analytics

Sensei gives reporting services which provide you a general idea of your content and grades, plus the pupils who are registered with the site.

Test Anything

With a diversity of inquiry sorts available to you, practically there is no limit for the  quizzes type you can generate.

Question Bank

Create a ‘bank’ of questions, and demonstrate a random selection of them for learners when they take a quiz.

Quiz Grading

Automatically graded simple quizzes or you can use manual grading for question that need review by a teacher.

Start offering your online lessons today with WooCommerce Sensei Online Learning Management today!

Reward Students with BadgeOS

BadgeOS Sensei Add-on allow students to earn achievements and badges for many courses, lessons and quiz activities that are available in Sensei learning management system. You set the rules and students earn the badge when they fulfill the condition.

The BadgesOS add-on creates a link between Sensei and BadgeOS, which is a powerful in WordPress for creating and managing achievement driven sites, communities and experiences.

BadgesOS lets you award digital Badges to any of your Sensei learning activities.

BadgeOS records achievement Badges for following activities:

Enroll you for specific course:

  • Any course
  • Course from specific category
  • Course from any category


  • Pass any quiz
  • Pass any specific quiz
  • When you achieve a minimum score in any game
  • When you achieve a minimum score in specific game

Completion of specific course:

  • Any course
  • A course from any specific category
  • A course from any course category


  • Complete specific lesson
  • Complete any lesson

BadgeOS offers you limitless achievements possibilities

Every BadgeOS can be customized accordingly to your goals, community, visual identity. You can define achievements requirements and choose any assessment option. BadgeOS is used to define and reward achievements for:

  • Peer nomination
  • Review submission by users
  • Auto-approved submission
  • WordPress site activity
  • Community activities
  • Reaching any point
  • Finding hidden badges

Defining achievements is not much easier

BadgeOS admin will see a new Sensei activity menu in required step manager when activated. You can easily define achievements that rely on WordPress, BadgeOS, and Sensei actions, by crafting right combination of steps to earn a Badge.

Storing and Sharing Lifelong Credentials that are important

Digital Badges that are earned can be easily shared and stored as lifelong achievements using the BadgeOS Sensei Add-on on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or your own blog .

Earned badges are open badges that are compatible and sharable via built-in Credly support. Credly is free web service to display, store and manage lifelong badges and credentials.

Start offering your students badges with Sensei BadgesOS extension today.

Set the Course Pace with the WooCommerce Sensei Content Drip Addon

You can specify at the start of the course plan when each lesson and course content associated with the course becomes available to the student, either as a fixed interval after the date they start the course, or on a specific date.

Whatever schedule you will decide upon, you will have complete control of your students’ learning pace.

Key Features

  • Drip the course content on a fixed date or an interval after the course start date.
  • You may also provide students access to any lesson at any time and you can manually override the drip schedule.
  • Your pupils will get an email notification letting them know when new lessons will become available for them.
  • It will also customize the message displayed to users if a lesson is not yet available to them.
  • This extension is also going to prevent the possibility that users will buy a course, download all the content, and then ask for a refund so that they can get the entire course for free.


Start managing your Sensei course content with WooCommerce Sensei Content Drip Addon today.

Give a Certificate for Course Completion

There’s no feeling like when you studied hard and passed your tests and completed your courses. After all that hard effort you’re at last at the end of the course. You need to show off your success to everybody! Print out your certificate!

Your students are awarded certificates for all the courses they finished through your online school with Sensei Certificates. These certificates can be printed, framed and downloaded on their office wall, or anywhere else they want to display their certificate.

If you want to make your certificates existing for public view online, that is available as well.

Customize the certificate design

Sensei Certificates also provide a highly developed certificate design system. You can upload your own background picture, place and style the size, typography and color of the different pieces of text on the certificate and create an exclusive design in the true sense that is best fitted to your online school.

If you don’t see yourself as a designer, or would choose to get up and running quickly, then for that Sensei Certificates includes a stylish default certificate layout, suited to online schools of any type of study.


Q. We already have numerous students who have finished their courses! Can they get certificates too?

A. They definitely can! When you activate your Sensei Certificates, you will be prompted to produce certificates for every student who has already finished a course. Fortunately, for all students, this can be done with just a click of a button.

Increase student retention

Everyone enjoys getting rewarded. If your students complete a single course and done enough hard work in order to receive a certificate, they will be more probable to carry on for a further course with the aim learning and getting a certificate for their hard work.

Key Features


Give your student course completion certificates with WooCommerce Sensei Certificates Add-on today.



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