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WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin


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Version 19.8
Last Updated: Aug 4, 2018

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin – Recover abandoned carts from your WooCommerce store and increase sales and revenues!

Why pay $10 when you can have access to all of our WooCommerce Extensions, WordPress Plugins & Themes with a membership plan for only $20/mo.

Recover Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce

Recover sales with WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart plugin.

Customers sometimes do not follow through with the purchase. This can be for many reasons such as distractment, lack of motivation and many others.

How WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart Works

With WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart, if they have gotten as far as entering their email address at checkout, Abandon Carts will capture that information along with the order information and send a follow-up email reminding them of their cart along with order details and link directly back to their cart so they can complete the purchase.

Multiple emails can be set at predefined intervals, so say the first one does not work, you can offer a coupon for a discount with the second follow-up email.

  • You have the ability to set as many emails for follow-up that you want.
  • They can be different emails with different email templates.
  • You can retrieve abandon carts prior to your installation of WooCommerce Abandon Carts.
  • You can differentiate emails between members and guests
  • Ability to have Abandon Carts to generate coupons that you can give expiration dates too. “Complete your purchase in the next 24 hrs. and receive 10% off”
  • Completely personalize and customize the emails with their name and a unique subject line.
  • Customize the body of the email and include their order details all automatically.
  • Receive notifications when a cart is recovered and the sale complete.
  • Detailed 26 page PDF instruct book with illustrations included with each download.

Want Even More?

  • Monitor and Record Abandoned Carts
  • Recover Abandoned Carts with Automated Mails using Mail Templates
  • Recover the Lost Sales with Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin
  • Works for Simple and Variable Products
  • Recover Abandoned Cart works for both Members and Guests
  • User Click on mail is recorded for you to analyze which mail templates work
  • Abandoned Cart and Mail sending time can be set
  • User Purchase using Cart link from mail is recorded
  • Multiple mail templates for follow up
  • Activate/Deactivate Mail Templates
  • Manual Mailing Option
  • Email Admin when Cart is Recovered
  • Automatic Coupon Code Generation to include in Mail
  • WooCommerce Mail Templates can be used
  • Checking Previous Orders for Capturing Abandoned Carts
  • Translation Ready
  • WPML, WPML String Translation and WooCommerce Multilingual Compatibility for Mails – Please note you need all these 3 Plugins for Multi Language Mails to work
  • Captures Phone Number for Manual follow up
  • and more



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