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WooCommerce Recommendation Engine Plugin


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Version: 3.1.9
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018

WooCommerce Recommendation Engine Plugin – Offer Netflix/Amazon style product suggestions to your WooCommerce store customers.

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Product Recommendation Engine for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Recommendation Engine by WooThemes

Suggest Product Recommendations to Customers

WooCommerce Recommendation Engine will permit you to organize Netflix and Amazon style product ideas for your customers. The plugin consequently recommends items to shoppers in light of their history, history and products that are every now and again purchased together. It is a great approach to present for automatic cross and up sells, and will help clients browse and buy more items from your store.

Types of Recommendations

Related Products By View

This plugin displays products which purchasers viewed too. Every time somebody sees a product it is recorded in the suggestion engine database. This information is then prepared by the module and shows products which are frequently seen together. Incredible approach to give automatic related products and to help make users to view products they may not have generally found.

Related Products by Purchase History

The products displayed by this module are frequently bought by the same users. There is no need to purchase the products at the same time. It’s brilliant for showing products which are purchased over the course of time by the same users. It is a great method to catch users to buy more products at the same duration by showing them items that other users have return to the site to buy later.

Products Purchased Together

This plugin displays items which are regularly purchased at the same time and on the same order. This kind of view is a tremendous way to develop and show a database of items which are often required together to finalize an order. Frequently the accessories or other type of add-ons will be bought at the same time by a user and this engine will show those packages to end users. Fantastic mode to persuade shoppers to buy products they may not have been taking into account or had thought they would want.


WooCommerce Recommended Products

You are allowed to show the associated Products By View and Related Products by Purchase History recommendations, with the help of this widget.

WooCommerce Purchased Products

This widget permits you to display the Products Purchased Together recommendations.

Get started recommending products to your customers with the WooCommerce Recommendation Engine extension.



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