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WooCommerce Product Documents Plugin


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Version: 1.8.2
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2018

WooCommerce Product Documents Plugin – Give customers access to product documentation. Or just give you a way to unique display product information to customers.

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Product Description

Product Documents for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Documents by WooThemes

Provide product documents for everything from assembly instructions or videos, to customer information before purchase.

We use this plugin on this site to provide links to version logs and product documents.

Every person wants to sell more, and one confirmed approach to make it happen is to decrease barriers to purchase. For many customers, the more information they have for a product up-front, the less excuses they have to keep from buying. Providing access to product documentation reduces blockades to purchase, or simply have an efficient way to show additional product information to customers. Product documents can show documentation beneath the product small description, or in the sidebar using our widget, or everywhere you can use short codes!

How can you use Product Documents?

Wish to sell an ebook? Offering sample chapters might be a useful way persuade customers to purchase (why else Amazon give away chapters of books for free with its Kindle edition?). So now you can provide sample chapters, sample pictures and more in a stylish front end display with nearly no effort.

You can also provide customers technical specifications or instructions to assemble your products one click by adding documents to your products. You can replace expensive document printing with digital documents. You can go entirely paperless now! What about adding a card when delivering products that takes users to your site, where you can offer user manuals and warranties for products without paying high printing prices? Put all of your documents online to save the on the printing prices, and assist in making them easy to discover for customers.

Do you post specs or post how-to videos on YouTube? You can attach product documents to an URL to give customers the information they require.

What can Product Documents Do?

  • Upload any file type to distribute documents for customers in an accordion-style menu
  • Display item documentation from other page URLs, like YouTube
  • Names of tabs and file in your menu can be customized
  • Show menus underneath the product small description, or wherever you can use short-codes on your site
  • Show the documentation menu for the consequent product in a sidebar using our widget
  • Use one short-code to show a list of all attached documents in your site (listed by product)

Super-Easy User Interface

From the product page adding menus, tabs and files is easy. Under product data, add as many files or URLs and as many menu tabs or section as you require to, so customers have all the information they  need in order to make a purchase. Add installation instructions, link to helpful videos, technical specifications and also warranty information all in one, simple-to-use menu!

Use short-codes to embed Product Documents menus on your site

You can utilize the short-code to insert the Product Documents menu for the item on a page of your picking. How do these short-codes assist you? Initially, in the event that you have numerous items having the same product documents, you can basically copy/paste this short-code onto each product page that will utilize those documents, or if you need to show the product documents in a blog post or on a different page of your site, you can use this short code to mention the product documents for the product you require.

The fundamental short-code will insert the documentation menu any place you put the short-code on the relating item page.

Use Widgets to Show Documentation on Product Pages

The Product Documents widget will permit you to keep the product documentation on the identical product page for all products, with the menu name of your preference. This widget will react to demonstrate the documents for the product being seen, and can be utilized as opposed to displaying documents as a part of the short depiction.

WooCommerce Product Documents extension gives you a chance to publish all documents that customers need, for example: installation directions or technical specification all in one spot and can help you save money on printing costs by adding these documents to your item pages. Giving more information before buy also serves to reduce barriers to buy: you can include outside URLs or post links to supportive videos or reviews, and help make document simple to discover for customers so they have the total information needed to buy.

Be sure to take a look at the code snippets to add extra functionality to Product Documents extension for WooCommerce.

Get started offering Product Documents to your customers with the WooCommerce Product Documents extension today.


Open product document links in a new window

Add the below to your CHILD functions.php to cause product document links to open in a new window

   //Product Document Open Link New Window   add_filter( 'wc_product_documents_link_target', 'wc_product_documents_open_link_in_new_window', 10, 4 );    function wc_product_documents_open_link_in_new_window( $target, $product, $section, $document ) {    	return '_blank';   }  

Add rel=”nofollow” to the product document links

Use the below code snippet to add rel=”nofollow” to the product document links. Note that there are 2 parts. A snippet for your CHILD functions.php and a bit of jQuery you will need to put into your .js folder in your CHILD theme. Be sure to change the name of the child theme to your child theme name in the snippet path.

Snippet for your child functions.php

   // Add rel="nofollow" to product Document Links   function register_add__rel() {    wp_enqueue_script("jquery");   wp_register_script( 'add-rel', '/wp-content/themes/canvas-child/js/add_rel.js', array('jquery') );   wp_enqueue_script( 'add-rel', array('jquery') );    }   add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'register_add__rel');  


Put this snippet into a text file named add_rel.js and put it into your .js directory in your child theme.

   jQuery(document).ready(function() {   jQuery('.woocommerce-product-documents a').attr('rel', 'nofollow');   });  



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