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WooCommerce Postcode Address Validation Plugin


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Version: 2.3.1
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018

WooCommerce Postcode Address Validation Plugin – Simplify your checkout process by having your customer validate or lookup their address during checkout.

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Address Validation for WooCommerce

Have customers validate their address during checkout with WooCommerce Postcode Address Validation

WooCommerce Postcode Address Validation by WooThemes

Sometimes you tried to ship products any invalid address due to someone’s prank or typo, that causes you loss of time as well as money to take it back. But this is not a worry anymore because US Address Validation or UK Postcode Lookup or NL Postcode Lookup solves your problem. These validations validates your customer as well as lookup their address during checkout. Improves the quality of address.

WooCommerce US Address Validation

US Address Validation uses SmartyStreets. This is a USPS certified address data provider and provides free service for up to 250 address lookups per month. It provides easy to use graphical user interface that help to select customer address. The customer address are automatically certified and are also classified here.

WooCommerce UK Postcode Lookup

UK Postcode lookup searches Postcode Anywhere. It uses data provides by Royal Mail and assures you of address data and it’s accuracy.

WooCommerce NL Postcode Lookup

Postcode lookup for it’s services in Netherlands, It uses national postcode database from Customer need to enter their postcode and house number then find their address easily to complete their checkout process.

More uses for WooCommerce Postcode/Address Validation

This process help your business because you can easily avoid shipping mistakes. By this you save time as well as money. You also help customers to choose or enter shipping information during the checkout process. You can streamline WooCommerce Address Validation with other pages to make your WooCommerce store more efficient.

The WooCommerce Address Validation extension is easy to use, and you can start improving your shipping right now.

Get started validating addresses before you ship with WooCommerce Postcode Address Validation extension.



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