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WooCommerce Pay with Amazon Plugin


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Version: 1.4.4

Pay with Amazon is embedded directly into your WooCommerce store. Buyer interactions take place in embedded widgets, so the buyer never leaves your site.

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  • Amazon Payments Advanced is currently only available in the USA, UK & Germany.
  •  SSL is required.

Offer your buyers a platform that they already trust

This option is available in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany.

Amazon makes it easy for all its user to buy any product from WooCommerce store using the common payment and shipping information from their Amazon account. Buyers just need to log in with their Amazon id and password and can easily buy products and complete their payment without even leaving the current website. When your customer logs in with their Amazon account you get their name, email address and zip code to complete their payment and personalize WooCommerce checkout experience.

  • You can shift your order to Amazon payment with ease.
  • You are protected by Amazon proven fraud protection.
  • Optimization of widgets are automatically adapted to tablets and smart phones.
  • Until checkout you customer are kept on website.


No hidden fees or payments are applied on any products or add-ons for unused authorizations or cancellation. You can lower the cost of products by accepting payments for business with low volume based pricing. You can also learn about lower prices in your country. 

How to setup Pay with Amazon on WooCommerce site

  1. Sign up for Amazon payments (for united states, Germany, and United Kingdom).
  2. Install pay with Amazon option plugin on your site (for more view installation documents).
  3. Allow pay with Amazon to let Amazon customers buy on your website.

Allow your customers to use their payment method already set up on with WooCommerce Pay with Amazon today!



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