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WooCommerce Order Status Manager Plugin


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Version: 1.9.2
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018

WooCommerce Order Status Manager allows you to create, edit, and delete completely custom order statuses. This includes autocomplete for virtual and downloadable products.

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Order Status Manager for WooCommerce

Order Status Manager by WooThemes

WooCommerce Order Status Manager – Create Custom WooCommerce Order Statuses

Delete, create or edit custom order status and integrate into order management flow using the WooCommerce Order Status Manager.  You can make changes in core order and trigger status changes on your new order emails.

For a Simple work-flow integrate custom order status in your order list for bulk actions.

New order emails can be triggered any time based on changes made in core statuses, customers and WooCommerce shop admins are also informed about the changes and updates in Order status.

Why Use WooCommerce Order Status Manager?

  • It simply creates new order status along with adding icons and buttons.
  • On ‘View page’ display the order status to customers to get track of current status.
  • By editing WooCommerce core statuses you will get ‘next status’ for new buttons.
  • For seamless work-flow and add order action buttons use ‘next statuses’.
  • In the orders list add bulk actions for new statuses.
  • In WooCommerce shop reports NEW include orders with custom statuses.
  • Trigger new order emails for status change.
  • Via new templates edit new email content.
  • Remove any custom code for existing custom statuses.
  • Without losing the order, safely remove custom order.

Add New Order Statuses

Simply select an icon to display in orders list and add a new order status. For next status order flow as per requirement, action buttons can be added. Add next status to find what actions buttons can be used for displaying this status.

Edit Core Statuses

Edit WooCommerce order status to add new one, such as, add custom status for processing orders as a next status, which have custom action button for any processing order. Custom statuses are integrated into orders work-flow which makes management simple, quick and to the point.

Add New Order Emails

New order emails can be added based on order status changes, including changes with custom order statuses. When these emails are added, they can be edited and enabled in your WooCommerce email lists, or the template can be overridden in your theme for greater control over the content.

Display Status Information to Customers

Customers don’t WooCommerce stores that don’t have proper order management. Statuses help customers by displaying the current assembling, status of where it is now and what time is left. You can set description for every status so when customers wait they can check the work flow and know what is happening and what stage product is and when it is they can receive their product.

Complete Order Status Management

Customize statuses into your Order management scheme rather than adding one-off statuses. It help to automate your order Management process using custom icons, action buttons, etc.

Start giving order status updates to your customers with WooCommerce Order Status Manager extension today.



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