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WooCommerce Order Status Control Plugin


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Version: 1.9.1
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018

Automatically Complete WooCommerce Orders. Use the WooCommerce Order Status Control extension to automatically change the order status to “completed” after payment.

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Order Status Control for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Order Status Control by WooThemes

Automatically Complete Paid WooCommerce Orders

WooCommerce Order Status Control Extension automatically complete orders for virtual and downloadable products after a successful payment, but it will not complete orders that you may need to do something before the order is complete such as shipping an order before completing the order.

If you do not need to take any action before the order is completed, you can use the WooCommerce Order Status Control Extension to change status of order from paid to completed after successful payment.

If your WooCommerce store generates a large number of orders that are already processing and require no further action, then you can streamline the time needed to change the status of the order to complete.

WooCommerce Order Status Control extension automatically marks paid orders as complete instead of the default changing status to processing.

In the WooCommerce settings you can set virtual orders to complete automatically while leaving physical goods/shipper orders status as normal to complete when you manually complete the order. It only takes 1 minute of time to setup and you need not to worry about changing status of paid order again.

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