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WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugin


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Version: 2.8.3
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2018

WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugin – Allow customers to define the product price. Name Your Price Plugin is also useful for accepting user-set donations.

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Name Your Price Plugin for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Name Your Price by WooThemes

The Name Your Price extension let your WooCommerce store customers to decide and set a price they are willing to pay.

The WooCommerce Name Your Price extension gives you new approaches to sell any product. You can decide an optional and minimum price for the product or leave it entirely into the hands of the customer.


  • Collect donations.
  • Different selling strategy.
  • Making profits on selected products that you probably would end up getting rid of.
  • Collect data on the price that the customers are willing to pay.

WooCommerce Name Your Price for Variable Products

It supports customer defined prices on variable products. You can choose any number of variations that will allow a named price. So now customers can set prices for different products or just the one.

Support for Product Bundles

This allows you to sell combos, it assembles two products or offer discount when different items are purchased together. Now with Name Your Price you can sell entire bundle of products at whatever price the customer chooses. You can also sell the bundle with pre pricing system and total bundle price will be calculated once the item price’s is set.

Let Subscribers Choose When to Pay

This Extension let you to do subscriptions with a variable billing period. Maybe your customer would prefer weekly basis while someone else monthly basis. Name Your Price supports variable billing period selected by customers about how often make a payment.

Create printable gift certificates by using the PDF Product Vouchers plugin

This voucher connects your online business to a physical location business where you can customize and sell downloadable PDF vouchers and gifts certificates for offline services. Customers can create vouchers for a value of their choice. And allow them to create printable gifts certificates that are redeemable.

Easy Configuration

Creating a new page for product is similar to create a page for regular product. Once you are done, you need to tick the check-box named “Name Your Price” and you will be able to enter suggested minimum price for the products. This price input box will be added automatically. All the text that the customer see on product page can be modified from the plugin option without coding.

Get started with the Name Your Price extension for WooCommerce today.



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