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WooCommerce Minimum Advertised Price Plugin


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Version: 1.7.0
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2016

Minimum Advertised Price for WooCommerce: Easily set a minimum advertised price (also known as supplier set resale price) for products that is not displayed until the customer takes action.

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Minimum Advertised Pricing for WooCommerce

If you work with suppliers that restrict how pricing should be shown on your WooCommerce store, the Minimum Advertised Price extension can help you modify your pricing display. Effectively set a base advertised value (known as the resale price) for items that is not showed until the customer makes a move – either by clicking “Show Price” or or simply adding the item to cart.

The base promoted price is displayed with strike-through text and you can include a call to take action which is shown enticing the customer to “See Price in Cart”. On just a click and a pop-up will showcase advertised price along with minimum advertised price set by the supplier for the product.

Note: The Minimum Advertised Price extension for WooCommerce is not intended to show an “on sale” price, as WooCommerce already does this.

Key Features

  • This extension set a minimum advertised price for products
  • You can decide when to show the actual price, either when the customer clicks “See Price”, or when they’ve added the product to their cart
  • Customize the call to action subsequently to the minimum advertised cost
  • When the item is finally added to cart, alternatively savings will appear on minimum advertised price
  • New feature provides you control to show prices for your WooCommerce product on Search engine – or shop’s usual price or minimum advertised price
  • Full support for easy and variable products, with usual and sale pricing.

Powerful Customization

Add the minimum advertised price to your items from the “Edit Product” page or utilizing the inherent item bulk edit tool. Once you’ve set your prices, customize when the real price is displayed, alongside the invitation to action message. Alternatively enable savings to be shown so your customers can know how your pricing compares to the minimum price set by the supplier.

Set the minimum advertised price of your products with  the Minimum Advertised Price extension for WooCommerce today.



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