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WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus Plugin


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Version: 2.3.14
Last Updated: Aug 4, 2018

WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus Plugin – Let customers pick up products they order from your WooCommerce store at specific locations.

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Local Pickup Plus for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus by WooThemes

Improve Customer Satisfaction by Offering Pickup from Location with WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus

The WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus extension allow customers to pick their products from you. It enhance the functionality by allowing you to define pick up location for the customer at checkout. The location is visible to customer in account-order page and the email sent at the time of checkout. Admin also have the ability to see the location from the back-end that the customer chose.

Through this process your customer will know from where to pick up their product.

How Local Pickup Works:

  • Configure more than one pickup location.
  • Support multiple shipping methods.
  • Selected location is visible on customer account page as well as to the Admin.
  • Pickup cost can be setup.
  • Add offer or discount to the total cost of products.
  • Configure product categories.
  • Disallow local pickup location in some cases.
  • Use the pickup location as the taxed address.
  • Hide customer shipping address at the time of checkout.

Add One or More Pickup Locations

With WooCommerce Local Pickup, from the Admin settings you can add more than one pick-up location with optional cost of individual pickup locations.

Pickup Locations at Checkout

Only local pick-up locations will be available for the customers as their shipping location at the time of checkout.

Allow Shipped and Picked-Up Items in One Order

WooCommerce supports using multiple shipping methods for a order. If a product is available for local pickup only then local pickup will be automatically selected for that item, and customers will be informed to select that particular shipping method for all other items.

Offer customers a great way for local pickup options with the WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus extension.



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