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WooCommerce KISSMetrics Plugin


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Version: 1.8.0
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2016

Add KISSmetrics tracking for your WooCommerce store with one click and start getting metrics you can use today.

Why pay $10 when you can have access to all of our WooCommerce Extensions, WordPress Plugins & Themes with a membership plan for only $20/mo.

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KISS Metrics for your WooCommerce store

Metrics you can use

It takes just one click to add KISSMetrics tracking to your WooCommerce store to start receiving actionable metrics now. A customized dashboard is simple to build that shows you the metrics that you concerned about. Watch how your customers interact with your WooCommerce store.

No need to add JavaScript or read a manual for hours. This KISSMetrics for WooCommerce prepares all the setup for tracking of event for your store and propels the accurate data to your KISSMetrics account.

Designed for KISSMetrics

KISSMetrics is the leading analytics tool, which provides you metrics you can use for your business. WooCommerce extension can be used to integrate KISSMetrics with your WooCommerce store and it saves your 20+ hours (and assured headache) in setup time!

Get Insight into Revenue

Follow your revenue over time and simply segment with product, category and more. Spot the average number of customers in due course combined with average revenue per customer to present you better insight into what kind of performance is your store giving you.

Your Sales Funnel

Analyze the customer involvement in every step of your checkout funnel so you can fine tune the checkout method. You can also divide the sales channel by category or product.

Real-Time Analytics

If you are running a one-day sale or promotion campaign then obviously yow want to see how your customers are interacting with your site. Use the default Live view within KISSMetrics to see real time activity on your site.

Powerful Customization

Customers are identified by their WordPress username or email address once logging in. Custom events can be followed by adding a code snippet to your theme.

Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions

If you are offering WooCommerce Subscriptions on your store, Get information about your subscribers by automatically tracking when subscriptions are enacted, suspended, cancelled, reestablished and even when free trials lapse. KISSMetrics can then show churn rate, average subscription time span and your cancellation tempo without any extra configuration needed.

At the point when WooCommerce Subscriptions is active, this plugin automatically adds the proper Subscription events to the data that you want to track.

Get started gathering useful data with the KISSMetrics extension for WooCommerce today.



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