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WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro


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Version: 1.5.2
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2018

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro provides actionable event tracking and other valuable information for your WooCommerce store.

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Google Analytics Pro for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro by WooCommerce

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro allows you to use the power of Google Analytics and enhanced eCommerce to track events in your WooCommerce store.

Account with Google Analytics is required.

If you are using the Google Analytics + Plugin for WordPress, you will need to uninstall it BEFORE installing WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro to prevent a conflict.

Use the Google Analytics Sales Funnel to Get Information You Need for Your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro ties powerful features provided by Google analytics such as enhanced eCommerce to create sales funnel information for your store. With these tools, you can see what customers are doing, what products they are adding to their cart and much more.

Powerful Event Tracking

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro provides powerful event tracking to your WooCommerce store.  By configuring the Google Analytics Pro extension with your Google Analytics account and the enhances eCommerce that GA provides, when you login to your GA account, you can start getting some real actionable information from the events you setup to tract. Track events like:

  • Signed In
  • Signed Out
  • Viewed Homepage
  • Viewed Product
  • Clicked Product
  • Added to Cart
  • Removed from Cart
  • Changed Cart Quantity
  • Viewed Cart
  • Started Checkout
  • Started Payment
  • Completed Purchase
  • Completed Payment
  • and about 20 other events


As you can see from the partial list of events above that can be tracked, you will be able to gather useful intel and you will be able to make decisions based on that intel. For example, you will know what products are getting a high abandonment rate and you can make some decisions that will help improve sales live adjust the price, improve the information and many other things.

Some other information that WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro can provide in your Google Analytic dashboard is metrics like average order value, conversion rate, sales by product or category amongst other useful information.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

Easy Setup to Get Detailed Event Tracking

Once you’ve installed WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro, you can choose your own event names (if you don’t like the default names that are provided). Then you just make sure that you have enhanced eCommerce tracking turned on in your Analytics account, and then you’re ready to go! The plugin handles all the work of sending event information over to your GA account so it can be displayed on your dashboard.

Why use WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro when there is a free version?

The short answer is, Google Analytics Pro is loaded with so much more than the free version. For example you will be able to track by user ids, exclude shop managers from being tracked, add advanced eCommerce event tracking, such as “coupon addition / removal” and “cart quantity changed” and much more. You can see a full list of reasons to use WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro vs. free here.

Google Analytics pro for WooCommerce works alongside other most other tracking plugins

If you’ve already installed a tracking plugin for basic site metrics like pageviews like Yoast Google Analytics, WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro will defer to these plugins for tracking basic site events, then add its own enhanced eCommerce tracking. Of course Google Analytics Pro for WooCommerce can take care of basic site metrics and add to your GA account! There is a known conflict if your are using Google Analytics + by WPMUDEV (and we sell it on this site). You will need to uninstall it before installing WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro.

Start getting Analytics information you can really use with WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro today.



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