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WooCommerce Force Sells Plugin


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Version: 1.1.16
Last Updated: May 27, 2018

WooCommerce Force Sells Plugin – Force products to be added to the cart in your WooCommerce store.

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Force Sells for WooCommerce

Force Sells by WooThemes

Force sale required / related products to be added to the cart.

The linking of your products together so that they can be added in the cart together can be done through the Force Sells extension. It links a service or required product to another product.

For example, you can link a brake pads as a forced sell product along with the brake rotors that you are selling..

There are two types of force sells:

  • The Normal force sell products gets added in the cart in the same quantity as selected for the main product. These force sell products can be removed or their quantity can be changed by the customer in the cart.
  • Normal force sells and synced force sell products, both work in the same way. But the synced force sell products can neither be removed nor be changed from the cart. They can only be removed when the main product is removed. Similarly, if the quantity of the main product is changed then only the quantity for all synced force sell products can be changed.


In the cart, synced force sells are shown to be ‘linked’.

Start making sure your customers get all the products they will need with Force Sells extension for WooCommerce today.



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