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WooCommerce Elavon Converge Payment Gateway


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Version: 2.3.1
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018

WooCommerce Elavon VM Payment Gateway – Take credit card payments with Elavon, the fourth largest merchant acquirer in North America.

Why pay $10 when you can have access to all of our WooCommerce Extensions, WordPress Plugins & Themes with a membership plan for only $20/mo.

  • Elavon Converge Payment Gateway was formerly known as Elavon VM (Virtual Merchant)
  • Elavon Converge account is required
  • Elavon Converge is only available in the US and Canada
  • A SSL certificate is required

Elavon Converge Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Elavon Converge Payment Gateway by WooThemes

You can accept credit cards through Elavon. Elavon Converge is a WooCommerce plugin that will tie your WooCommerce store checkout to the Elavon payment gateway. Customers remain on your site during the process. The Elavon payment gateway processes the credit card transaction in the background allowing for a seamless transaction between your WooCommerce store and Elavon payment gateway.

You will need an SSL certificate in-order to meet the PCI compliance requirements.

Get started with the Elavon Payment Gateway for WooCommerce today.



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