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WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager Plugin


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Version: 3.4.1
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018

Provide excellent customer service with the WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager.

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 Customer Relationship Manager for WooCommerce

Provide excellent customer service with WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager.

  • Calls and emails can be logged to manage your customers
  • Send emails to your customers
  • Filter through your customers based on status, products etc.
  • Assign a status to customers such as lead, prospect etc.
  • Create new customers and place orders or email and call
  • Manage your customers in static or dynamic groups
  • Import and Export customers and details

Adding & Editing Customers on your WooCommerce Store

Adding customers has never been easier; Just click on “Add Customer” and fill in the fields you wish to make changes. By default, some of the fields/section for information such as Name, Date of birth, Address, Email,etc are loaded . If you would like to add more fields/details sections to the customer page, WooCommerce Manager Extension provides Free Advanced Custom Field plugin to add more fields. You can also get an idea of who you are dealing with and from where the traffic is coming through Google Maps feature showing a map and location of the customer.

Customer Status

Manage Your Customers effectively using customer statues to keep track of the progress and process of sales. Options such as flagged, prospect, favorite, blocked, follow-up, lead and customer are there to choose from.

Import & Export

Filter through your customers as you like and quickly export them to a CVS file. As well as exporting, WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager allows you to import customers so you can manage relationships between your sales team and your customers.

Existing Customers

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager works instantly without needing to import your WooCommerce orders or customers. Your WooCommerce store existing customers will be added automatically to the Customer Relationship Manager database. By default, the customer status of a customer who makes a purchase through your store is “Customer”.

Track & Send Emails

Send email individually or in bulk to customers, and easily check the emails that are sent through Activity page. You can choose “From” email address as well as write your formatted email using the built in WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

Place & Log Calls

Make phone calls using your “tel” client on your computer such as Microsoft Communicator or Skype with a click of a button. Log the conversation, as well as the purpose, the related information(products or orders) and the length of the call. Finish the conversation with a summary of the call. Phone calls are logged in the Activity page just like the emails. You can also log completed calls as well.

Customer Notes

The WooCommerce Customer Relationship manager extension works with the built in note taking system for customers. Works just like the Order Notes, displays who made the note and when. View your notes from the customers page as well.

Customer Orders

View your customer orders on the customer profile page. Keep a track on the status of their orders as well the items they have purchased. Choose how you want the order fields to be displayed such as, Billing, Email Address or Username.

Financial Activity

View the financial activity of your customers at a quick view. See their total spent, total number of orders and when they last made a purchase in your WooCommerce store.


Keep a track of the activity of conversations between your sales team and customers. The activity tracks are emails and recorded phone calls and both are available for quick view.


Create dynamic and static groups out of your customers for easy customer management and analysis. Depending on regular activity on your WooCommerce Store, dynamic groups can be created based on protocols like order dates, spending amount rules and other aspects.

Filters, Guests, Total Value & Number of Orders

Choose which orders to appear as completed to show under “Number of Orders” and “Total Values”. You have an option to chose about what to show Guests as well as decide which user roles appear in the customers table. Enable or disable the filters that you’d like to show on the customers table.

MailChimp Integration

Check to see if your customers have enrolled on your WooCommerce store newsletter via MailChimp. No need of 3rd party extension here. Just put your API key (which you get from MailChimp) and you’re set to go.

Advanced Custom Fields

You can add your own custom field on customer profile page using the free Advanced Custom Fields plugin in WooCommerce Manager Extension.

WPML & Multi-site Support

Localization has been implemented into this extension to ensure it works in any language. Multi site network installs are also possible using this plugin allowing you to distribute effectively.

Provide excellent customer relationships today with WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager extension today.



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