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WooCommerce Conditional Content Plugin


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Version: 2.0.7
Last Updated: Jun 30, 2018

WooCommerce Conditional Content Plugin – Display dynamic content messages throughout your store based rules you configure.

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Conditional Content for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Conditional Content by WooThemes

WooCommerce Conditional Content has been designed so that you can display messages, advertisements and reminders, or any other content based on a wide set of rules and conditions. It will be great for showing content that when users add specific quantities of items to their cart, or when products are in a certain category and have a particular range of prices, or items are low on stock, and many other conditions which you can think of.

Key Features

  • Message can be displayed on the products that are on sale.
  • Message can be displayed on products which low on out of stock or about to expire.
  • Message can be displayed for specific users or specific user roles.
  • Message can be displayed on the cart when particular products are inside it.
  • Message can be displayed on products when other items have been added to the cart.
  • Message can be displayed to the users who have already added a product or other products from the same category to their cart.
  • Pricing tables can also be displayed that relate to Dynamic Pricing rules.


For providing a dynamic and customer tailored experience to your shoppers conditional content is the extension that you need. There is a detailed rule builder at the core of the extension which can be used to create conditions to control that where and when content will display on your WooCommerce store. Building of the conditions is allowed by the rule builder for the messages which are very relevant and to the point, such as on sale products, to very detailed messages including of pre-defined criteria.

With easy way to use rule builder, there is an long list of predefined locations to choose from. All the hooks from WooCommerce are available here from which you can select. This will allow you to quickly get your messages on your site without having to know what all the available filters are in WooCommerce, and where they will display their content. When you need to generate content somewhere that is not in a predefined list, the filter can be entered manually or you may directly use a template tag in your theme.


  • Have you ever been in need to display the content on all items in your store which are in a certain category? The categories rule will allow you to do this.
  • Do you want to promote a sale or purchases on a product about that is low stock? You can use the stock level rules to get your shoppers to act.

The Message Rule Builder

There are wide selection of rules for Conditional Content which can be combined to create conditional content messages through your WooCommerce store.

Here is the complete list of criteria you can use:

The Single Product Output Rules by which you can output your content on individual products are:


  • Specific Products –  To choose which products this content should displayed.
  • Product Types – To choose to display the message on all products which are of a particular type.
  • Product in Categories – To choose to display the message on all products in a certain set of categories.
  • Products with Attributes – To display the content on products that have particular attributes.
  • Products Price Range –  The content will be displayed on products that are in given price range.

Rules for Stock

  • Stock Status – To display the message on products that are in or out or low on stock.
  • Stock Level Range – Display  a message for products that have inventory in a certain range.

Rules for Sales

  • Sale Start and End dates – To display the message when the product is on sale between only during these dates.
  • Sale Status – To display when the product is or is not on sale.


General Output Rules – These rules can be used to further filter the Single Product rules, or to define the rules that are somewhere else on the site. Since these rules does not depend on the product specific data of the product, they can be used to configure content to show up anywhere on your  WooCommerce store.

Rules for Membership

  • Specific Roles – To display the content to certain user roles.
  • Specific Users – To display the content to certain users.

Rules for Cart

  • Cart Total – It displays the content when the total of the cart is more or less than a certain value.
  • Cart Products – It displays the content when particular products are in the cart, at a certain quantity level.
  • Categories of Products in Cart – It displays the content when products from the categories are in the cart, at a particular quantity level.


WooCommerce Conditional Content works great with the Dynamic Pricing extension. With help of conditional content, a set of rules can be created to match your structure of price. It  will be very useful  for displaying your complex advanced Dynamic Pricing rules on specific products or throughout your store. As the conditional content gives you the ability to display content on products when particular quantities of items are added to the cart, you can let shoppers can know about a discount, if they add products to their purchase.

Start displaying conditional messages today with the WooCommerce Conditional Content extension.



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