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WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options Plugin


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Version: 3.1.3
Last Updated: Jun 23, 2018

WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options Plugin – Transform your WooCommerce store into an online catalog by removing the ecommerce functionality.

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WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options Extension

WooCommerce Catalog Visibility by WooThemes

Easily transform your WooCommerce store into an online catalog.

Why remove the eCommerce functionality? It may sound out of the box when you will imagine about your site without cart, checkout process and buy now option. But you can showcase your products as catalog, which are not for sale on site. You can showcase products you are thinking about launching and when the time comes, make a quick change and start selling your products.

This extension is restricted to Catalog feature only. While you are adding the Catalog visibility options extension, no need to take entire store offline, other options are available like restrict it for users who logged in.

You can customize the features like replace add to cart button or price option or just making it visible with no buttons and remove all buttons.

Catalog Visibility:

  • Provides the feature to hide or showcase prices to only the registered or authentic users
  • Provides the feature for disabling the cart eCommerce functionality
  • Show prices to only logged in users
  • Allows add-to-cart content only to authenticated users


Turn your store into a catalog today with the WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options extension today.



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