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WooCommerce Cart Notices Plugin


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Version: 1.8.4
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018

WooCommerce Cart Notices Plugin – Display dynamic, messages to your customers as they check out in your WooCommerce store.

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Cart Notices for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Cart Notices by WooThemes

Dynamic Notices for Your Customers During Checkout

If a method can improve your sales in five minutes, would you use it? That’s the reason behind designing Cart Notices, you can effectively increase customer satisfaction and sales at the same time by displaying dynamic messages to customers that they can act on when they checkout. Keep your customers updated of sales and promotions to improve their shopping experience and you earn more from customers that you have today by using proven tactics to increase conversions.

Based on the amount in your customer’s cart, you can encourage him/her to add more items with a message that offers free shipping or show ” Checkout within the next 10 minutes and your order gets shipped today!”. You can create as many as notices you’d like based on products and their criteria.

Dynamic messages have proven to be able to engage customers, make special offers or even nudge customers to buy more. With the number of helpful short-codes, messages can be displayed anywhere on your site.

What can WooCommerce Cart Notices do for my store?

  • On the cart and checkout pages display custom messages to your customers
  • Messages can be added anywhere on your site with short-codes: (for example, display promotion notices at the top of the category page)
  • Improve sales by encouraging customer to spend more to receive benefits – a reason why a customer should spend more can result in a 50% increase in up-sells!
  • With the use of message variables display dynamic notices (for example, set a minimum amount for free shipping, and the message will dynamically be displayed  with the difference the customer needs to add to their total to qualify)
  • Set minimum and maximum quantities for discounts using the “Product in Cart” notice
  • Optionally add a call to action button/URL to encourage your customers to perform the desired action

Choose from Five Different Cart Notice Types

  • Current order amount – encourages customers for additional purchases to qualify for free shipping or receiving a free gift. Set any minimum amount you want, and find a way to encourage customers to run for it!
  • Deadline – encouraging customers to checkout within the next X minutes so that their order becomes eligible for shipping today itself. Setting deadlines help you close sales and create a sense of urgency.
  • Referrer – In order to personalize the shopping experience display a notice based on the site the customer came from.
  • Products in Cart – Display a notice based on the products in the cart. Cross-sell your related products by helping customer buy more. Help your customers spend more by the use of NEW minimum and maximum quantity notifications to let customers get a discount by adding a certain number of units.
  • Product Categories in Cart – Display a notice on the basis of products contained in the cart by recommending similar items to improve the customer’s shopping experience.

Easy Setup and Configuration

Create and manage all notices from one menu.

Start selling more with WooCommerce Cart Notices extension today.



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