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WooCommerce API Manager Plugin


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Version: 1.5.4
Last Updated: Jul 9, 2017

The WooCommerce API Manager secures your software with API License Key activations and deactivations.

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API Manager for WooCommerce

WooCommerce API Manager by WooThemes

Sell License Keys for Plugins and Themes – Include Auto Update

The WooCommerce API Manager software with API License Key activations and deactivations, for customers satisfaction it provides automatic updates of plugin. Updates are a powerful marketing tool that are offered for some companies only. The WooCommerce API Manager consist of some features that increase customer satisfaction, shop manager productivity, and eliminate support requests, and let you focus on selling more products.

Important features:

  • Automatic generation of license key and send to customer via email
  • Amazon S3 is fully integrated to work on software files with secure links that expire.
  • Secure software updates through the WordPress.
  • It offer software updates for free, these updates are based on a subscription, updates based on a specified number of software activations.
  • User can sell an API License key with multiple activations.
  • Quick and easy product setup with different settings.
  • Customer can access all the information from the Account dashboard. They can manage their software activations for a API license key.
  • The WooCommerce API Manager comes with a default plugin, and a default theme for customer assistance.
  • Customer can email themselves a copy of lost API License Key anytime using form created on their blog automatically.
  • WooCommerce Shop manager can send the customer their completed order at any time that contains product and API license key.
  • Order screen allows the shop manager to manage page by adding/deleting API License Keys.
  • API can send error message to customer so that they know if there is any problem with activation or deactivation.
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions extension is fully supported the includes the sale of subscription based API License Key.
  • Customers can update or downgrade their activations easily without any error from Account dashboard.
  • Software are updated directly on activation of license key.
  • Your customers can access WooCommerce API manager easily, if you already use the Software Add-on extension.


The WooCommerce API Manager offers many features. It is best to read the documentation to learn more.

Easy Configuration

Using API settings form specific product can be easily customized in WooCommerce API manager. Information such as changelog, uses a page hence it becomes very easy to create ,update or add images or videos in your page via page editor in WordPress. All types of products can be configured to contain unique, API information, downloaded file or update information. Global check-box is used for variable products that uses the same setting to be configured with, This reduces the time needed to configure any page one by one, and eliminate possible duplication errors.

Start selling software licenses today with the WooCommerce API manager extension today!



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