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WooCommerce Anti Fraud Plugin


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Version: 1.0.14
Last Updated: Dec 16, 2017

WooCommerce Anti Fraud Plugin – Detect fraudulent transactions in your WooCommerce store.

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Anti Fraud for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Anti Fraud by WooThemes

Detect fraudulent transactions in your WooCommerce store

It’s sad but true, fraud happens. Fraudulent transactions not only cost merchants money, but will also put their merchant account in jeopardy.

WooCommerce Anti Fraud Helps You Prevent Fraud

  • Allows you to act quickly
  • Make sure your customers are not affected
  • Minimize the hassles


By catching fraud as it happens when Anti Fraud scores the transaction, you can stop fraud in its tracks.

WooCommerce Anti Fraud plugin provides risk scoring. With the risk score and suggestions the plugin will generate, you can quickly make decisions that protect you and your customers from fraudulent transactions.

Some examples that will show in the risk score:

  • Buyer uses a free email address
  • IP location is not the same country as the billing address
  • This is the customer’s first order

You can automate how to handle transactions based on the risk score.

  • Cancel score – automatically cancel the order if the score is at or above the defined level
  • Hold score – hold the order for further investigation if the score is at or above the defined level
  • Email score – automatically email the admin if the score is at or above the defined level
  • White-list score – ignores the above rules for emails included in the white-list

Start protecting your store with WooCommerce Anti Fraud today.



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