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WooCommerce Ambassador Affiliate Plugin


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Version: 1.1.5
Last Updated: Jul 9, 2016

Ambassador Affiliate for WooCommerce is a social affiliate program that turns your customers into ambassadors for your company.

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Ambassador Affiliate for WooCommerce

Ambassador Affiliate Integration into Your WooCommerce Store

Ambassador Affiliate for WooCommerce by WooThemes

Ambassador is an affiliate management 3rd party provider that will provide tools for you to manage your own affiliates.

The WooCommerce Ambassador Affiliate extension tracks your affiliates’ visitors to your site who used the affiliate link that was setup on the Ambassador affiliate platform.

WooCommerce Ambassador Affiliate

  • Provides reporting for sales generated from your affiliates’ links right in your WooCommerce store so you don’t need to shuttle back and forth to the Ambassador website.
  • Provides the option to turn your customers’ into new affiliates upon checkout for your WooCommerce store and setting them up on the Ambassador platform automatically.
  • Automatic display of social sharing links at checkout so your customers can immediately share news about your company.

WooCommerce Ambassador Affiliate Plugin requirements

In order to use the Ambassador extension for WooCommerce you will need the following:

  1. An account with Ambassador that has at least one active campaign
  2. The relevant API key and username that comes with the account



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