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WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage Plugin


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Version: 2.1.9
Last Updated: May 27, 2018

WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage enables you to serve digital products through your Amazon AWS S3 service.

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Amazon S3 for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage by WooThemes

Use Amazon S3 to Deliver Your Digital Goods to Your Customers

The Amazon S3 Storage plugin for WooCommerce enables you to deliver digital files through your Amazon AWS S3 service. Amazon S3 Storage is fully automated allowing you to include the bucket and object name of your file using built-in short-codes in the bucket and object file paths. A customer purchases and then downloads their purchase, the S3 extension will turn this into a Amazon S3 URL and allow your customer to download the file.

Using Amazon S3 storage to deliver your digital files relieves storage requirements and stress on your server, and reduces the bandwidth requirements of your website. Amazon S3 provides super fast download times, much faster than most shared and VPS servers can.

You can determine the length of time for the download URL to expire. Setting a time limit will help prevent sharing and reduce your bandwidth costs. You can use the built-in Amazon S3 “Authenticated Users” for download verification to ensure only the person who purchased your digital product is the one who downloads the digital product. You can also set maximum downloads per order which adds another layer of security for your products

The Amazon S3 extension for WooCommerce also support multiple buckets. This means you can deliver multiple files from different buckets on each order.

Start delivering your files with WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage.



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