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WooCommerce jPlayer Product Sampler Plugin


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Version: 1.4.1
Last Updated: Jun 30, 2016

Give short preview of your songs, albums or videos using WooCommerce jPlayer Product Sampler.

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jPlayer Product Sampler Plugin for WooCommerce

Let customers preview music and video files

jPlayer Product Sampler Plugin by WooThemes

jPlayer Product Sampler is a music and video player that enables your customers to have a taste of your music and video files before they buy them. All you need to do is upload a sample file and jPlayer Product Sampler does the rest.

You have complete control over where you put the jPlayer Product Sampler on your product pages because of the built in hooks in WooCommerce. jPlayer Product Sampler supports jPlayer skins, it comes bundled with some skins. You can upload other skins for the jPlayer too.

jPlayer Product Sampler supports HTML 5 playback as well as Flash. If you set one type of playback and the visitor’s browser doesn’t support that type, jPlayer Product Sampler will automatically deliver the other type of playback to the browser so all of your visitors will be able to sample your video and audio products.

Deliver sample music and video to your customers with jPlayer Product Sampler Plugin for WooCommerce today.



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