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WooCommerce Email Attachments


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Version: 3.0.8
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018

Email Attachments for WooCommerce – You can now add attachments to WooCommerce store generated emails.

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Product Description

Email Attachments for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Email Attachments Plugin by WooThemes

You can now easily add attachments to WooCommerce store generated emails.

With this plugin you can easily add any type and any number of attachments to the email correspondence generated by WooCommerce. You also may add additional CC and BCC recipients. To make the recipients aware of the email attachments you can add a notification headline and a notification text at the footer of the email.

You can add attachments of any type and as many as you want to WooCommerce store generated emails. You can also include CC and BCC for additional recipients. You can include notifications in the headline and the text of the emails to make sure your customers know about them.

Other WooCommerce email plugins supported.

Since version 3.0 the plugin recognizes and supports all emails added by WooCommerce plugin. Additional emails generated by WooCommerce extensions are also recognized, if these plugins use and support the WooCommerce email API (i.e. like the subscription or booking extensions).

WPML is supported since version 3.0. You can translate the notification headline and notification text into all the languages supported by WPML and you can select one, more or all languages for each email attachment. The user-selected language the corresponding attachment(s) and notification texts are used for the emails.

Additional Features

  • Attachments can be uploaded with the standard WordPress media uploader interface.
  • Attachments are stored in a separate directory, but will be displayed in the WordPress media library.
  • Use the same attachments that you may already use in posts and pages.
  • Filter on the media modal/pop-up window to display only the uploaded attachment files or you can display all existing media files in your gallery.
  • The modal filter helps you to use existing media files from your library or to quickly find the files which you just want to use as your email attachments.
  • No need to upload the same files multiple times. If it is already in your media library, you are good to go.
  • Rearrange the order of the attachments with a drag’n’drop interface.

Start sending attachments to your customers today with WooCommerce Email Attachments plugin.



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