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Vantage Theme for WordPress


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Version: 3.0.9
Last Updated: Dec 24, 2016

Vantage theme by AppThemes is a popular business directory theme for WordPress.

Why pay $10 when you can have access to all of our WooCommerce Extensions, WordPress Plugins & Themes with a membership plan for only $20/mo.

Vantage Theme

Vantage Theme is a Directory Theme for WordPress

Vantage Theme by AppThemes

The Vantage theme is a popular business directory theme that is easy to install and has powerful tools to monetize your site.

Vantage Theme for WordPressSetup Pricing Plans

  • Create multiple pricing plans
  • Assign plans to categories
  • Offer featured listings on home page
  • Offer featured listings on the category pages
  • Pricing plans limited only by your imagination

Offer “Claim Listings” Like Yelp!

Yelp will often list a business without any assistance from the business owner. They then offer the business owner to claim their business listing. With Vantage theme you can do the same by enticing the business owner to claim their business listing with the “claim a listing” function.

Custom Forms with Custom Fields

You can collect whatever information you need with the built-in form builder. You have the ability to add text fields, radio buttons, select menus and check boxes.


Your users will have access to a dashboard that will show useful stats such as reviews, contact info, site stats and business listings. Status such as pending or approved is also displayed.

More Vantage Theme Features

  • Monetize Your Site
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Advanced Search
  • Recurring Payments
  • Easy Administration
  • Google Maps
  • Dedicated Blog
  • User Favorites
  • Social Integration
  • SEO Friendly
  • Child Themes & Plugins
  • AppThemes API



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