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Unsigned Theme for WordPress


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Version: 1.3.2
Last Updated: Jun 12, 2016

Unsigned Theme by WooThemes is a Musician Artist & Band Theme for WordPress. Get this theme for free including free updates!

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Unsigned Theme

by WooThemes

A Musician Artist & Band Theme

Unsigned theme for WordPress is a musician or band dream WordPress theme template. Furthermore; Unsigned is designed to compete with MySpace, BandPages, PureVolume and BandCamp. Unsigned gives musicians and  bands their own profiles pages, showcases music and is ready to sell tickets and merchandise.

Unsigned theme comes with many custom post types which can be turned on and off for management of your various events and functions.

Unsigned theme comes with some specially designed page templates too.

Unsigned Theme for WordPress

Custom Page Templates

Unsigned comes with some specially designed page templates:

  • Tours – This page will automatically fill in event information
  • Band Biography
  • Image Gallery
  • More

Custom Post Types

Special custom post types allow you to manage and add specific information to each post based on the post type. Custom post types include some specific widgets designed to work with them. Custom post types included are:

  • Club
  • Concert
  • Gig
  • Festival
  • Tours
  • Albums
  • Galleries
  • Videos
  • Slider
  • Band Members

WooCommerce Compatible

Easily sell your albums, tracks, tickets and other merchandise by including WooCommerce plugin. With WooCommerce integrated each album can also be setup as a product or tracks can be sold individually or grouped with other tracks.

Events Post Custom Type

The events custom post types provide ease of management of events happening on your website.

Events Widget

Unsigned theme includes widgets that will allow you to showcase your events and offerings throughout your website. There are three events widgets included:

  • Events widget to display all events past, current and future events.
  • Tours widget to display all events past, current and future tours.
  • Tour Dates widget displays events that are part of a specific tour.

Albums Custom Post Type

The album custom post type allows for musicians and bands to easily manage their albums and even add a unique ID like a SKU to keep the music organized like a catalog.

Each Albums post has a audio player built in and you can even reorder sound tracks within the player.

Album Widgets

  • Woo – Albums widget will list either all albums or albums in a specific category.
  • Woo – Album Player widget will list and play tracks from a specific album using an HTML5 audio player.

Galleries Custom Post Type

Galleries custom post type is where the artist manages their photo galleries.

Gallery Widgets

  • Woo – Photos displays either all photos with a limit count, or X number of photos from a specific gallery.
  • Woo – Galleries displays a list of the photo galleries available, either in a specific category or across all categories.

Video Custom Post Types

Artist and bands can embed video from YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting sites. The videos customer post types allows artist to easily manage their videos and offers some other video related features.

Video Widget

  • Woo – Embed widget which displays videos from a specific video category or all videos, allowing for the quick switching between videos.

Band Members Custom Post Type

Band members custom post type allows band members to easily setup their profile page such as title, image, bio etc.

Band Members Page Template

Band members page template is separate from the band members custom post type. Band members page template allows to include all band members on a single page and include band biography in a special area. Band members page template allows for reordering of band members as well.

Homepage Features

Easy homepage setup and special homepage widgets. You can include a large background photo and a photo slider on the home page.

Additional Features

  • SoundCloud ready with widget included
  • SongKick ready with widget included
  • Press clippings to showcase your press coverage



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