The easy way to automate your WordPress backups, and even restore your entire WordPress website, including the database.

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Last Updated: 9/29/18

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BackupBuddy for WordPress

Backup and Restore Your WordPress Website and Database. BackupBuddy is the Complete WordPress Files and Database Backup Solution.

When you backup your WordPress website it is imperative that you backup not only the files, but the database too.

Easy to Create Backups with BackupBuddy

You can automate your WordPress backups. Set it and forget it, unless you need it.

Restoring your WordPress website is a breeze. It won't take long to restore your WordPress site and database. You will be up and running again quickly.

Quickly & Easily Perform The Following Actions:

  • Backup and Restore WordPress
  • Backup and Move WordPress to Another Server
  • Complete Database & Files Backup (backup all files and not just the WordPress files)
  • Convenient to Create Backups
  • Quick & Easy to Restore WordPress Backups
  • BackupBuddy is Trustworthy & Reliable


  • Database or Full Backups or Both
  • Automated Offsite Storage
    • Amazon S3
    • Dropbox
    • Rackspace Cloud
    • FTP
    • email
  • Schedule Backups
  • Stash Storage (manages backups)
  • Exclude Files & Tables (you can choose what gets backed up)
  • Backup Profiles (create custom backup profiles)
  • Can even create the new database for you

Deployment and WordPress Site Migration

BackupBuddy is a developers dream come true because it lets you move a WordPress site to another domain or host easily. With Deployment, you can set up new blank site and connect it with your existing WordPress site using BackupBuddy so you can push or pull changes in as few as two clicks.

Backup buddy takes care of all path changes so you don't have to worry about images and other files not working when moving a site to a new domain name.

You will save several man-hours that are typically associated with a WordPress site restore or move.

  • Migrate right from WordPress
  • URL Replacement
  • Serialized Data moves too!

Additional Features

  • Server Tools
  • Malware Scan
  • Interactive Site Directory Map
  • Database Mass Text Replacement
  • Database Scan & Repair
  • WordPress Cron Manager

Get started with BackupBuddy today.