WooCommerce Chained Products

WooCommerce Chained Products
Create and sell pre-configured product bundles and discounted combos.

Their price $49 to $149
Last Updated: 9/29/18
Version: 2.7.0

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Chained Products for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Chained Products by WooThemes

Create and sell pre-configured product bundles and discounted combos.

If you are don't have combos and bundles of products at your WooCommerce store you may be loosing 20% to 40% of sales. Lucrative discounts on bundle of products is one of the easiest way to drive the customers attention and get sales in any WooCommerce store - research shows, bundled products leads to profit.

You probably can recall purchasing bundle products when you went shopping and you may not even wanted them but the deal was just too good to pass up.

It's the right time to start pushing up profits with increased sales by providing bundled products that are just too good to pass up.

How can Chained Products help for selling bundles of products?

Chained products - the best WooCommerce extension through which you can create pre-configured product bundles and offers. When buyer done with purchasing the main products, free or offer bunches automatically gets "chained" and added automatically. Through WooCommerce Chained Products Extension create bundles of single or variable products and also provide features to chain as many products as you like, also add additional products as a gift or free with purchase of some specified amount. You can easily create multiple chained products combo which provide great massive combo deals to your WooCommerce store customers.

5 Steps to create Hit Combo Products

  1. Select the list of products you wish to make bundles of together - as higher per quantity
  2. Price offer - simple math calculation with bit of intelligence will lead to irresistible offer
  3. Describe value - of products in combo and benefit offered provided to customers
  4. Showcase your bundle - let your customers know about the offers and invite them for purchasing bundle products
  5. Create scarcity for best impact - limit time frame on products that works great

Why does Chained Products give awesome results?

Chained product bundles provides cross sell opportunities "works great with" and "get add-ons for free with main product" it forces us to select a product with higher discerned value due we humans are wired.

So that the customers don't get confused while picking options and to improve conversion rates and greatly increases overall sales, the Chained Products lets you create pre-configured product bundles and gifts thereby focusing their attention on the value a bundle generates for them.

How does Chained Products handle product bundling / gifting?

  • Edit a product then visit the “Linked Products” tab.
  • In-order to create a bundle link as many products as you want. Pick  variations and even select quantities.
  • Here you can create bundles as well as bulk discount offers – “Buy One Get One” / “Buy 1 Get X” / “Buy X For $$”
    Now it is time to put up a price on your main product. And it will be the price that customers have to pay in-order to get the whole pack.
  • So that when customers add the main product to cart, cart will show the main product along with all the linked products. But the price tag will be only on the main product. Rest of the products will have “$0″ as their tag price.
  • When order is paid, managing inventory and granting access to digital downloads are all taken care by Chained Products.

Smart approach for Customer Value Optimization using WooCommerce Chained Products plugin

  • Increase Perceived Value with multi product bundles
  • Provide good offers on high quality products
  • “Consider upgrading to the bundle / higher plan” tactic
  • Promote High sell profitable product on Customers Account page
  • Surprise your customers by throwing in an unexpected gift
  • Create a sketch for the bundle and showcase it prominently

Get started selling bundled chained products with the WooCommerce Chained Products extension today.