WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Subscriptions
lets you collect recurring payments. Easily create and manage products with recurring payment subscriptions.

Their price $199 to $399
Last Updated: 9/17/18
Version: 2.3.6

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Subscriptions Plugin for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin by WooThemes

WooCommerce Subscriptions for Recurring Payments

You can easily create products and services that require recurring payments with Subscriptions Plugin for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin makes it easier to prepare a list of products with recurring payments. A subscription product can be created just like any WooCommerce product and you can start selling subscriptions.

Scheduling Recurring Payments

Renewal of subscription products can be scheduled on different billing schedules such as biweekly, bi-monthly every 3rd month, monthly or even annually. Different offers can be launched depending about the product like free trial service for few days, sign-up fee and set expiration date for subscription products so customers are limited by time period.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Multiple Payment Gateways

WooCommerce Subscriptions supports multiple payment gateways. You can offer customers automatic subscription recurring payments or process manual renewal payments through more then 20 payment gateways.

When used with the WooCommerce Membership Plugin you can create a powerful membership site.

Variable Subscriptions

With WooCommerce Subscriptions provide your customer option of choosing their billing schedule that can be done by creating variable subscriptions. WooCommerce Subscriptions Extension provide the variable subscription feature.

Manage Subscriptions

WooCommerce Subscriptions allows you to suspend, change or cancel the payment dates of subscription from your WooCommerce store and let your customers manage subscriptions and decide the dates from their account page.

Multiple Subscriptions

Prior to version 2.0, the customer needed to repeat the entire checkout process to subscribe to different products. No more!

Your customers can now purchase any number of different subscription products in the same transaction.

Better yet, Subscriptions intelligently groups products based on their billing schedule. This reduces payment gateway fees by processing the sign-up and renewal of multiple products in one transaction. It also streamlines fulfillment by creating a single renewal order instead of multiple orders for what might be a single shipment.

Free Trials & Sign Up Fees

WooCommerce Subscriptions provides flexibility to customers for a free trial before making they make payment for sign-up fees or setup an account.

Manual or Automatic Renewals

  • WooCommerce Subscription extension automatically generates an invoice and email the charges to your customers.
  • Manual and automatic renewal for subscriptions support; both options are available.

Synchronized Payments

If you wish to avoid any confusion and want to make all subscriptions aligned for renewal, use WooCommerce Subscriptions synchronization, it will align same membership terms for all your customers. For example; billing occurs on the 1st of each month.


WooCommerce Subscription plugin gives you the advantage of providing different subscriptions like upgrade, down-grade or cross-grade for any product.

Subscription Coupons

With WooCommerce Subscription, you can offer customers a coupon discount while they sign-up or on monthly payment. Customers can be enticed to purchase with even small discount amount. Recurring discount coupons and one-time discount sign-up fee coupons both are available with the WooCommerce Subscription plugin.

Note: Coupons for subscriptions will only apply to the first month. Months thereafter will be billed the full amount.
Example: Using WooCommerce Coupons and you have a monthly subscription of $25. You want to offer 20% discount with a coupon for the initial sign up or first month. The customer's first subscription payment will be $20 and the following months the customer will be charged the full subscription price of $25.

Renewal Emails

Set an early reminder for notify your customers about the renewal of Subscription payment and process emails with built-in renewal amount email with WooCommerce Subscription plugin.

Start selling subscriptions today with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.