WooCommerce & WordPress Plugin FAQ

Where do the plugins and themes come from?

For security and quality-assurance purposes, all available plugins and themes come from the vendors such as WooCommerce, CodeCanyon, ThemeForest and WPMUDEV to name a few.

The plugins and themes offered on PluginForage.com are the original, unmodified source code from the original developers supplied through the vendors mentioned above. The plugins and themes are NOT nulled and have no malicious code in them. Updates to the plugins and themes come directly from the vendors, and the source code is not modified nor tampered with, in any way, shape or form.

Do you offer license keys for plugins?

WordPress Plugins and Themes are open source and fall under the GPL license, so they don't require any license keys to work unless you want to subscribe to the plugin author's support and automatic update service. We do not provide license keys. We encourage you to purchase licenses keys from the vendor. WooCommerce license keys entitle you to their support and updates. We to endeavor to keep the software offered on PluginForage.com updated in a timely manner and access to updates does not require a license.

How are you able to offer premium WooCommerce/WordPress plugins for free?

WordPress is an open source platform, licensed under the terms of the General Public License (GPL), which grants users certain rights regarding modification, use and distribution of source code. Plugins and themes are considered by the copyright holders and community as derivative works of WordPress itself (see here). All of the WooCommerce extensions, WordPress plugins and themes offered on PluginForage.com are covered by the GPL license. By virtue of being derivative works of WordPress itself, and because their codebases incorporate GPL components, frameworks, etc. we are able to offer them. Additionally, every plugin author references and acknowledges that their software is licensed under the GPL within their terms and conditions. PluginForage's offer is well within the bounds of the GPL license which allows anyone to redistribute and sell copies of a GPL program.

Do you update the plugins/themes?

Yes. Our updates are typically about one to two weeks behind the initial update release from the developer. It takes time to prepare the new updates, get them on the site etc. We will inform you on this site of any new updates or additions.

Can I use the plugin or theme on more than one website?

You can download plugins and themes one time, and use them as many times as you want, and on as many websites as you want.

I'm receiving a message that's asking for license key. What's up with this?

Anytime you install a WooCommerce extension and some other plugins or themes, you'll be prompted to input a license key. The reason for this is because it allows you to access automatic updates from your WordPress dashboard and get support from the developer. However, a license key is not required for the plugin to function. This prompt can be ignored. You can also click "dismiss" to dismiss the notice. If you need to know how to manually update your plugins or themes, we have created this video tutorial for you to show you how to manually update plugins and themes quickly and safely.

Some of the WordPress plugins ask you to install a dashboard. The dashboard will do you no good unless you have purchased the author's package. You may ignore the message and the plugins will work just fine without the dashboard. If the "install dashboard notification" annoys you, download and install this plugin and simply activate it, and the notice magically disappears!

How do I remove the WooThemes Update Notice

Once you install a WooCommerce plugin developed by WooThemes you will get a notice "Install the WooThemes Updater plugin to get updates for your WooThemes plugins". You can ignore the notice. If you want to get rid of the notice add these lines your your child theme functions.php. We recommend using a child theme so your fixes do not get erased on the next theme update.

// Remove WooCommerce Updater

remove_action(‘admin_notices’, ‘woothemes_updater_notice’);


I get the message, "The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found."

This means that plugin came from CodeCanyon. The way they package plugins requires you to unzip the original file you downloaded from us and you will find another zip file and some documentation. You will need to install that second zip file. That will be the installable zip file.

Do you offer support for these plugins?

We encourage you to purchase licenses/support directly from the vendors.  We do not offer any support other than what is posted on this site. We do attempt to make video tutorials and blog posts from time to time, showing you how to do various things with select plugins, extensions and themes.

I get an error "No Update Package Available" or something similar. What now?

To use the auto update feature, you will need to purchase a license from the developer/vendor. You can manually update your plugins that are purchased from PluginForage.com. If you do not know how to manually update plugins, we have made a video tutorial to show you how.