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Create a Slider for Canvas Theme Homepage 6B

How to Create a Slider for Canvas Theme Homepage

How to Create an eCommerce Store with WordPress, WooCommerce & the Canvas Theme Part 6B

We are continuing on with our series on how to create an ecommerce store using WordPress. We are going to create a full width slider for our homepage. To do this I am going to introduce the Business Page Template that is part of the Canvas theme and has everything we need to make an amazing slider. Everything but the images anyway:)

Business Page Template

The Business Page Template is a page template you can use on any page of your site. For demonstration purposes, we are going to use the Business Page Template on the homepage. The primary reason and possibly the only reason you would want to use the business page template is because it has the slider built in to it.


If you are watching this entire series, you know I am not satisfied some aspects of the Canvas theme and the way it displays stuff. The slider in no different. I need to get rid of a margin and we will include a rule in our CHILD style.css to do this.

Code Snippet

Put this in your CHILD style.css

/** Navigation **/  #navigation{    margin-bottom:0;  }  

Child Theme

Download the completed Canvas Child Theme to the end of this video.


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