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Create a Custom WordPress Menu and Configure Image Settings for WooCommerce

How to Create a WordPress eCommerce Store with WooCommerce
Custom Menu & Add Products

Create an eCommerce Store Part 2 > Part 3

In this video we will:

  • Create a custom top menu for our WooCommerce store.
  • Create and add one product so we can include some images and take a look at our Canvas theme to determine the best size images to use in various spots such as the thumbnail and feature images.
  • Make some image size changes in both the WooCommerce settings and the WordPress media settings, so our store will only need one full size image, and WordPress will create the rest of the sizes we need, and WooCommerce will handle additional sizing requirements for specific image types such as the feature image and thumbnail image.

Get the Canvas Theme

If you need the Canvas theme so you can follow along.

Canvas Theme

Visit for free web and graphic design video tutorials.


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